Xenia Gregori

Xeniarose is a mind, body and spirit wellness journeyer, Yogini, Masseur, Writer, Reader, Hiker. An Avid Traveler, Astrologer, Psychonaut, Climber, Lover of Mythology, Permaculturist and Animal Lover.  A Child of Nature and a Student of Life and the founding owner of BreathingOpen.

After more than 15 years corporate experience in adult learning theory during her career as a learning and development manager and communications coach, she left her old life with a burning commitment to social and ecological change and to be part of peoples awakenings to their wondrous depths. She learned to recognize what is needed in allowing others the space and freedom to delve in and explore what moves them and feels this is her natural life’s work; as a sensitive and protective companion during this path.

Through her own story, and of traveling extensively, helping develop her cultural understandings and communication awareness, she watched, aghast, as her heart split open and her own inward journey began in accepting the sadness of her soul.

She found she couldn’t relate to the ‘love and light’ approach to soul integration and knew the movements of deep soul diving had to hit its dark nights. This was her own experience. Because of this, she invites others to slowly and spaciously unravel themselves, uncover themselves, deepening their opening as the catalyst to align all parts of self. Through this expanding consciousness of self, we are opening to our vulnerabilities, accepting that our mission is bound to our wound.

She is a 200 hour Certified Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (RYS®), 150 hours Certified Yin Yoga Teacher and a Certified Ayurvedic Masseur Practitioner. During her many travels throughout India and Nepal for the past 14 years she has undertaken many workshops, seminars and modules in Yoga Philosophy, its history & culture, as well as tapping into the ancient healing tradition of Chinese Medicine with training’s across the globe.

A faithful meditator for more than 13 years as well as a devoted student of the Dharma rooted in the Tibetan Lineage of Buddhism, Xenia is also a graduating member of the London School of Astrology’s online sister school ‘Mayo School of Astrology’ and is currently working towards her accreditation with the Jeffery Wolf Green method of Evolutionary Astrology.

Xenia combines these age old paths of wisdom alongside a cool blend of biohacking research, gratitude and nutrition and is especially inspired by the developments within the neurological fields of science and the works of Peter Levine, Gabor Mate and Bessel Van Der Kolk in the Somatic Therapy fields, Rick Doblin, Joseph Tafur and Ralph Metzner in their explorations of consciousness and all the advancements their work, among others, is heralding. Simply because she is fascinated by human performance and the evolution of our consciousness as a species for the much needed salvation of this extraordinary planet we call Earth and Home.

She believes that true healing and total integration of all aspects of self is a mind, body and spirit alliance and that we cannot approach one aspect without looking at the whole system. Hers is not a path of rituals, magic or movement only, for isolation of any aspect of either mind, body or soul may only heighten a fragmentation, therefore she works with clients across all three to bring about a full transformational process in awakening, recognition, acceptance and ultimately; nurturing of self.

She believes that through this integration and healing of our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, we are then free to create a life of the artist; of a daily expression of our truest self.

Her intention is to aid in peoples realizations of their intrinsic worthiness and develop compassion for all parts of themselves. By coming to this understanding and finding our stillness within, we come to heal our duality and walk hand in hand with our paradox’s; going out into the world and sharing our compassion, therefore, encouraging the development of restoring our species; the wonderfully complex Human Being, back to our true state enabling us to live joyful, fulfilled, abundant and healthy lives, participating in the ecological restoration of our planet and contributing to restoring the peace across nations; Both of which are very much needed.

Connect with her via email or phone for private or group classes

        You can find Xenia’s writings on Rebelle Society, Elephant Journal and The Tattooed Buddha

Tibetan Wind Horse Prayer

As wind carries our prayers for earth and all life,

May respect and love light our way,

May our hearts be filled with compassion for others and for ourselves,

May peace increase on earth,

May it begin with me.

Tibetan prayer flag is ‘Lung ta’, meaning ‘Wind Horse’

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