“If every 8-year-old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” – DALAI LAMA

A deeply heartfelt thanks and extension of gratitude to all my teachers along the way, some of whom found me in my darkest nights and led me, shared with me, inspired me, and quite simply; broke me open to the person I am today and the person I will become tomorrow.

You changed me in ways that wouldn’t allow me to be the person I am right now if our paths had not crossed. I am very grateful and will bestow upon you; my ever curious questions and willingness to listen, humbleness to ask and a increasing opening so I may see some of the delights you see.

Firstly: My Heart. Thank You for always being there for me and not leaving me. I know that I have not always treated you well. I am trying to listen to you in all moments now. I hope to treat you with the same respect and privilege that you have always treated me with. Forever at your service. In Love.

Queenie; You showed me how to become a Queen in my own right. You gifted me with my love of Coffee, Books and Cardigans! You taught me to dream and instilled the importance of standing on my own two feet. Thank you for teaching me how to make my own rose perfume and the importance of nature. I miss you every day. XX

Cytutchi; My brother from another mother! Thank you for showing me I can be enough and teaching me to believe in myself and stand up for myself. You taught me and encouraged me to play out the trickster archetype and had fun with me along the way as I learnt it’s mischievous ways. You stood by me through everything and still you continue to inspire me in the person you are. Never, Ever stop believing in just how special you are.

Dana Marshall; Visual Artist/Dharma Teacher/Yoga Teacher; I met Dana when I was literally just about to fall apart and she was there throughout the whole process of my falling, bleeding and slowly putting myself back together to where I stand today. Through her being and her friendship, I observed so many qualities that inspired me and motivated me when I found the path or the teachings difficult. Truly a spiritual friend. Thank You for always seeing the best of me, laughing over the worst and guiding me on my path. You can read about her here as well as viewing her Dharma Art: https://dmarshall.nl/ (See her artwork on the homepage)

Anna; My oldest friend; You ran with the wolves with me, broke my heart and showed me how to be a lady. We did crazy things and got creative in trying to get away with them! πŸ™‚ You were the sister I never had, and your sisters, my extended sisters. I thank you and your whole family for taking me in and treating me like one of your own. Namaste Sister!

Mo Stipsen; Mo taught me ‘That is NOT Yoga’ in a world when at times I felt like a fraudster. He taught me to lighten up on the path and to stop trying to figure it all out! He infused the teachings with lightness and humour – truly a feat when referring to profound teachings. Mo inspired in me the courage to stand up and be proud of my being different from the crowd. Deeply miss his accordion filled savasana πŸ™‚ You can find him here: http://www.lokah.nl/over-lokah/

Lidia: Lida helped me in a total deep cleansing of myself as I transversed back through the years, piercing together my story and allowing my true self to come through. She helped me immensely in unravelling that pesky ‘nice girl’ syndrome that we can suffer from πŸ˜‰ As well as being there whilst parts of myself were brought into alignment to create a more fuller and authentic ‘Xenia’. Thank You for allowing me to learn the gifts of self care and self parenting Lidia. You can connect with Lidia here: https://www.lidiatato.nl/en/

PK; One of the most nicest and caring yogi’s you can meet. He is a gentle warrior… until you join a class with him and he’ll push you far in your practise! I had a pleasure of practising every day with him for nearly 2 months whilst in Nepal and I learned so much from how to cue, build a sequence and deepening my knowledge of the energetic bodies. PK & his family became my family in Nepal and i’m reminded of how much joy they live their life with. Much Love to you all! Find him here: www.tribikramyoga.com

Orion and Taita: Your gentleness and your guidance during my experiences will be forever cherished. I will never forget the love you allowed us to feel and the generosity of spirit in welcoming us into your home. Thank you for accompanying me on my psychonaut travels and leading me back safely. I am doing the work every day in integrating my experiences. I feel you as a brother in this world. You can contact Orion here: http://psychotravels.co/

Alexander Northern Deer; Alexander is a warrior, with long and strong roots. His are feet firmly planted deep within the earth whilst his heart soars to the skies. He is committed to accompanying others on their path as an extremely gentle and kind hearted soul. Alexander taught me the importance of accessing manipura and owning my personal power. He showed me to not play small and own my life and its direction. Thank You Northern Deer, for being a compass for many and leading me to my spirit guide. Much Love. Find his school here: https://theworldofwisdom.com/

Shirley Woods; I studied Yoga Philosophy, namely samkhya philosophy under the guidance of Shirley and her style and deep appreciation for the subtle aspects of the body inspired me greatly. It was during my studies with her on the concept of β€œsatya” that I quit my corporate career after 18 years, left my home in Amsterdam and set off for Asia once more! I have not looked back as my life transitioned and I started teaching yoga full time. Deeply powerful teachings that WILL change you! You have been warned! πŸ˜€ Thank You Shirley for turning my life upside down.. It was in much need of it! Find Shirley at her studio Innerspace here: https://yogapractice.nl/

Dr Virendra Kumar Verma at Pushkar Ayurvedic Niketan Ashram; I lived and studied Ayurvedic Medicine and Ayurvedic Massage under the guidance of Dr Virendra Kumar Verma at his ashram and left with so much knowledge and positivity about how to integrate all that I had learned. He instilled in me the confidence to consult and massage with integrity. I saw many many people benefitting from his treatments and presence. Thank you Doctor for your wise counsel, vast knowledge and time and support! I will see you again soon πŸ™‚ You can contact him here https://www.varanasiayurveda.com/#

Sebastian & Murielle; I studied Yin Yoga and TCM under the wise hearts of Sebastian and Murielle. They are a beautifully strong and inspiring couple who have a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom to share. Sebastian pushes you hard and if you want to and are willing, you will learn much from him and his lifetime dedicated to knowing self. He taught me to push myself and own my warriorship. Murielle is the perfect compliment to him with her gentle heart and compassionate inquiry as well as her extensive knowledge of the energy bodies. Thank you guys. You can find them at: https://www.with-yinyoga.com/

My Welsh Family; through no knowing of your own, you gifted upon me some of the most versatile and wondrous gifts. I earned these gifts through my apprenticeship – you showed me from an early age of what to expect in the world and allowed me to develop a strong sense of self and the ability to stand up and stand out from the crowd. I wish I could share this with you all in person.

My Cypriot Family; Thank you for my sense of roots arcing back to ancient times. Thank you for not being there and not being around. You taught me heart skills. Thank you for allowing me to experience it all and still not choosing to hate over love, anger over compassion. I am so grateful that I had the chance to meet some of you finally. We are bound in blood.

My first physical education teacher; Mrs Bletcher; you ran me all over the country for competitions in your belief of me and my long distance running and DOE. My first primary school teacher; Mrs Broadhurst for crafting my love of reading and all things magic! My first Music Teacher; Mr Phillips; You taught your creativity with a fierce fierce passion πŸ˜‰

You each and all nurtured small developing parts of my-self. It is through these first contacts that I come to be the person I am today.

My best friends during my school years; you came from different religions, different cultures and different countries; it is through you sharing your version of faith to me, that I was able to identify and develop my own. (You know who you are; Herriots/Hussain’s/Hadjiloucas)

To the Pushkar Brahmin; the stars aligned for our meeting as you mirrored to me the vastness of the universe and the devotion and love I feel inside. Words do not honour the sense of immense gratitude and respect I have to you for gifting me with another piece of my puzzle. Our conversations reverb through me with deep changes.

To all those I am yet to meet… I am looking forward to it… πŸ™‚

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