Language & Exam Preparation

English Language Learning – Direct Immersion Approach (Native British Speaker) from A1- C1 Level

Cambridge Certified IELTS Teacher

Skills Based Training designed to promote critical thinking through project based learning

Social Sciences, Emotional and Social Learning Frameworks

Business English: Interview Preparation to Leadership and Coaching Methodologies

Creative Writing, Poetry and Drama Workshops (Students are taken through various forms of writing styles and show how to build and construct detailed, logical and informed content with a persuasive and emotive style of writing) Use of film, audio, written works and unlimited (!!) writing prompts to start the sessions flowing!

Exploring Art, Film & Literature through English

Melody Makers & Beat Shakers: Moving through Emotions with Music: Vocabulary Heavy Courses with plenty of practise.

Travel and Culture

Communication Models, Transformative Leadership & Coaching

Yoga: Prepare for your YYTC in English with guided practise, vocabulary expansion, writing prompts and more🧘‍♂️

Self Entrepreneurship for Artists & Brand Development: Gain clarity on your vision, develop your creative brand and stand true to your mission as you appeal to your international audience

Official English Teacher & Coach for The Royal Dutch Opera and Ballet Company 2020-2022

Available for Corporate Teachings, Trainings & Workshops

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