Pluto: Evolution & Reactions

Within the natural laws and principles of EA, we have four natural ways Pluto affects evolution. These evolutions are taking place to promote and encourage the process of evolving emotionally. No one person can assume to evolve as a spiritual being without the emotional body processing the emotions and releasing the discharge of the stagnation and no longer useful energy.

Two of the ways that Pluto affects the evolution process are non-cataclysmic, which promote and produce slow and steady change; Consider the Darwinian evolution of something taking a long time to manifest, emerge, transform, metamorphosis.

The other two ways to evolution are Cataclysmic, which are sudden, unexpected and external forces of change which produce a high intensity of change and when we look back at this period in our life, we see they brought about a much need evolutionary leap forward in one’s life. This occur because we are becoming overly identified with some area in our lives; either emotionally or from an ego-centric point of view. The resulting emotional shocks must occur to promote the movement of stagnant energy, often linked with traumatic events. They are occurring because the soul is resisting the evolutionary lessons for growth to occur. There are two reasons for experiencing any cataclysmic event: one is evolutionary intent; to propel forward in life and the second is karmic retribution.

The four ways that Pluto affects Evolution are as follows:


1. Form/create/produce relationship with something (work/spirituality/relationship/study) that we perceive is missing. Attracted to and desire to know more, understand and relate to as we start to perceive our strengths and our weaknesses. Intuitively, we feel this something will help us grow and we tend to attract the essence of the relationship that we have formed or are forming within.

2. We pass through times in our lives where we bring up something that exists within us; we bring up latent skills or capabilities and bring it to our foreground. Awareness dawns and new talent emerges. However, because we become aware; doesn’t meant we utilize it; The soul has to actualize it to make it work. Requires effort to bring it about into being. A minimization of resistance as the soul deepens into greater development as its capacity is actualized.


1. Form/create/produce situations/events whereby a loss is experience; Can be divorce/job loss or death… This situation propels us forward in our evolutionary growth at astonishing rates. (Pluto/Relationship to Scorpio/8th House = transformation on deep layers) Security falls away through forceful removal. Emotional stagnation is being purged as we are learning to lean into self reliance.

2. Awareness dawns that something internal or external is preventing growth; we are not growing and we some type of crisis in varying degrees is produced; Similar to No.2 of non-cataclysmic. We become aware of blocks but resist intensity and change; until it is forced upon us. Resists growth. For example: a relationship ending in affair/death etc. Here we tend to be very aware of the symptoms, but not necessarily ready to identify the source. The soul is evolving through the overcoming of psychological blocks and allowing the space to let the changes happen organically.

An important note to make here is that life will not always give us the above scenarios, neatly packaged up and clearly defined; it can often be the case that we deal with any number of these evolutionary process’s simultaneously.


As with all change, growth and evolution, it is our reaction and relationship to the growth that leads to the experiences that follow. It is the lens that we watch and see through; that will allow us to incorporate the work required.

Typically within the EA Philosophy framework there are three reactions to the evolutionary lessons brought about by Pluto. They are as follows:

1. To resist the karmic/evolutionary stages altogether. This is not common as instinctively, we know that things must pass.

2. To totally go for it; wholeheartedly embrace the changes that are coming. Again, this is not a common reaction.

3. To be willing to change in some ways; but not all due to fear of the unknown and uncertainty. This is by far, the most common reaction as often we tend to accept the changes that we perceive are good for us, yet, we reject the changes that we perceive are uncomfortable for us.

We would be wise to remember that it is our very responses to the evolutionary growth that creates the types of experiences we will have. If we are not happy with what we have, yet, are not ready to change, then we can only expect more of the same. If we say and believe that we want change, yet fundamentally, we are resisting the necessary changes that are required of us, then we can often see a cataclysmic event bringing about the required change in circumstances, people or events to propel the soul forward in its evolution. On the other hand, if soul is desiring the change and evolution necessary to purge and move closer to source and universal truth, then it will arise.

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