Soul and Ego

Evolutionary Astrology follows ancient wisdom traditions of lives blending into the next so reincarnation is a given – how does that sit with you? Do you believe that you come into this life and then die, finito? Or there is more to it than that?   It is your current consciousness that will allow you to process, accept and integrate *this* lifetimes lessons.   If we tend to believe that there is only this life, we tend to live an existence of ME and I. We may struggle to make sense of situations, believing things are happening to ‘Us’, without a conscious part in the creation of our life.   If we believe and truly feel, deeply, in a greater connection, beyond religion and man made laws, then we are more accepting and can widen our understanding to see how what is occuring for us, can fit into the greater scheme of the universes lessons.  

Pluto correlates to the Soul, with the natural laws of evolution and involution (The process of something dying, giving way, and on the other side; something coming into being, a new way emerging.   The caterpillar does not just evolve into the butterfly, first it must go undergo through the process of involution.) Evolution is the changing of energy, the changing of a pre-existing structure into a new structure, yet, the basic building blocks or DNA are still at the core. The level of soul is an immutable consciousness that has its own individuality, vibrations or identity that remains intact lifetime after lifetime.

When new life is birthed, each soul will manifest a personality that has a subjective consciousness and a unconsciousness. (Saturn defines the boundary of our individual consciousness, of which we are consciously aware, Uranus represents the individualized unconsciousness and neptune is the seas of the collective unconsciousness) Pluto represents the individual soul.

The current Ego-Centric structure for this lifetime is represented by the Moon. When we talk about ego, we are referring to the Moon (Neither good and neither bad; simply a container of energy that serves as a focusing agent to create ones own self image).

When the Soul (pluto) comes into this lifetime, it is creating its ego (The Moon) of which, essentially, it is serving as a vehicle to integrate objective consciousness within subjective consciousness.

A common and extremely destructive myth that is prevalent, especially within the spiritual communities, is of the need to overcome ego, to rid ourselves and become beyond the ego.   This is not possible and neither is it healthy. It is the reason why we can find inflated ego within spiritual communities and teaching this distortion onwards.We are not trying to transcend ego; the ego is serving as a function to transmit the higher consciousness of soul and it is only when the ego becomes lost, confused or attached to it being a totality within itself, that the problems can arise. Without ego; we cannot speak of our own name.   It is how we are unifying our souls desires and lessons and using the ego to transmit them into the world for greater good. The personality of which is created by soul directly relates to the past evolutionary and karmic history of each person. Each soul is coming into life with an established level of consciousness, relative to its evolutionary standpoint. We can transcend, expand and grow out consciousness through the work of meditation, movement, study, art and experiences.

But for those desires to be in place, the soul will have to have some awareness of this; there exists within us all, two fundamental core desires; that is which to separate from source, to stay within this world;y, material life, or what is commonly understand as samsara or khor ba ; to stay within the ‘cycle of existence’ , a continuing way of existence that is exclusion of source. This desire to remain separated from source is understood to be a core element of a lot of the suffering that we see on and too, the planet.This is found in the separating desire of our new lover, new possession etc that will give us the high or satisfaction that we seek. Yet, after the initial high that we experience, the familiar feeling of ‘there must be something more’ resurfaces; this sense of ‘something more’ only fuels another separating desire. As we evolve (often over countless centuries) we begin to exhaust these separating desires.

The second core desire that exists in us all is the desire to return or merge with source or creation, of which there is a recognition that this is where we came from; it is our natural home. The desire to know that which created us becomes stronger and stronger, until one day it is the only desire remaining in us.

The two desires that of which to return to source and that of which to separate from source are existing with us all and it is via the soul’s evolution that we purge the separating desires and with that evolution, the desire to know or merge with our god, creator or source, is intensified. The few highly evolved individuals that we can see this manifested in had this remaining desire to return to source as their only motivation; The Buddha, Yogananda, Babaji, Sri Yukteswar, Eckhart Tolle, to name a few. They knew that through the process of merging with source, true, deep and lasting satisfaction is experienced. The great spiritual masters and teachers that spoke with truth can attest that we all have to evolve , it is why we are here on the earthly plane, and only that the metamorphic process is typically unconscious in the majority of people. Yet, we have all heard stories or know someone who later in life, began to perceive and understand a greater level of awareness and life outside SELF. It is exactly this desire to purge the separating desires and move towards the returning desires that is the fuel and foundation of our souls evolution. The necessary evolution is taking place through the emotional body.

Evolutionary Astrology helps to guide and objectively answer holistic questions pertaining to right choices and identifying specific life lessons relative to these separating and returning desires. .

Humanity is engaged in an eternal quest for that ‘something else’ that hopes will bring happiness, complete and unending. For those individual souls who have sought and found ‘god’, the search is over. They are that something else” Paramahansa Yogananda.

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