Karmic Dynamic & Evolutionary Intent

Which side are you on; Cosmic Identity versus Egocentric Ideology

In Essence: Pluto, Pluto’s polarity point, the nodal axis and its planetary rulers by sign and house are what make up the Pluto formula in its totality.

The Karmic Dynamic, also known as the Trinity of Past (Natal Pluto, South Node and South Node Ruler) is the dynamic of where soul is most comfortable, where the previous live/s were lived out. As in life, what we know is where we tend to be most comfortable so we can often see this is where the soul clings or gravitates towards, relative to the emotional security that of knowing it provides.

We look to the position of natal Pluto for the representation of soul by its relevant placement of house, sign and aspects to other planets.

An important consideration is that Pluto by sign is generational (taking approx 284 years to revolve around the 12 signs – 10-30 years each sign – with the shortest passage in Scorpio at 10 years and Taurus passage is longest at 30 years)

We then layer in Pluto by house position which shows us the individual motivation of that soul. This shows us where the soul of the individual is coming from; for example; a 2nd House is Taurus Soul with themes around that archetype /6th House is Virgo Soul etc..

We then determine the number of aspects that other planets are making to Pluto and this includes any aspects. The number of aspects made tells us the evolutionary pace of soul; the higher the number of aspects; the higher desire to evolve and change. The less aspects and we can assume the soul is coming to rest here in this lifetime as not all lifetimes will need such intensity of transformation, some will go for a lifetime of integration if previous life/lives were a high transformational time.

Pluto retrograde is the next piece of information we add in. If Pluto is retrograde, which is not uncommon as this happens for approx 5 months out of the year – approx. 42% souls have this, then we can assert that the elimination of separating desires is speeded up when Pluto is retrograde in a chart.

A note about the Pluto Retrograde people; They are the people who don’t accept status quo, they will question it relative to their Evolutionary state (Dimly Evolved/Consensus/Individuated/Spiritual) and Evolutionary Conditioning. (Hence the reading of the chart via a Observation/Correlation Relationship)

Pluto Retrograde Souls desire individual definition and will retreat from the collective many times to question and reflect. These souls abhor stagnation and not growing. They will heavily question their world – Is this me? Or this what I believe? Who I am?

The Individual definition which is essentially a backing off , retreating from a Saturn/Capricorn/10th House theme,which is to conform by environmental conditioning. This retrograde provides the set up and backdrop for accelerated growth and will affect everyone regardless of the ES state that they are in. It is only the way it will be played out that will be relative.

If Pluto retrogrades during the lifetime of the individual; this will come into play. If someone is born with Pluto Retrograde and Pluto transits direct; this energy will lighten up and accelerates returning desires and highlights the separating desires.

Individuals with Pluto Retrograde will experience higher degrees of dissatisfaction (All experience dissatisfaction in knowing there is more to life), yet, Pluto retrograde individuals intuit that separating desires must be purged/eliminated for the acceleration of evolutionary necessarily of soul.

Four or more planets retrograde will add a further layer of intensity to speed up evolution through reliving and redoing experiences again. The individual can view this as good or bad; again, this is relative and depends on Evolutionary Conditioning and Evolutionary State of Soul.

The moons nodal axis by sign house and aspects – South Node

Nodes move clockwise through the chart and play such a significant role in the chart interpretation as the moon correlates to the current egocentric structure of the soul, therefore the nodal axis is showing us where the soul came from and where it is destined for in this life.

We look to the Natal South Node as the key to the ego of the old soul from past lives. This is the self-image and egocentric structure of the past and the past identity. This shows us the previous ways of operating emotionally that allowed the old karmic dynamic of Pluto to operate. The natal south node shows us how the previous ego was developed in line with the previous souls desire, as symbolized by pluto’s placement.

The South Nodes placement shows us via its House’s position and by it’s Sign’s position how the soul in its previous life actualized and integrated its evolutionary desires from an emotional standpoint. We must interpret the positioning by house and sign of the South Node in correlation to the natal pluto, as opposed to reading it as an isolated symbol.

We then add on the Natal South Node aspects as this shows us other areas of function (through aspects to planets) that were used in the past to actualize prior karmic dynamic.

The nodal axis planetary ruler by sign, house and aspects

The Planetary Ruler of the South Node allows us to gather additional information relating to the areas in the past which helped to facilitate the mode of operation (South Node) for the prior karmic dynamic (Pluto). We look to the Planetary Ruler of the South Node by House and Sign position, also by aspects to other planets, to show us the dynamics of the soul that were used to consciously develop the areas symbolized by the South Node. Pluto ‘uses’ the South Node to actualize itself and the South Node ‘uses’ the Planetary Ruler to develop itself. This interpretation of the Planetary Ruler must be in context of the South Node.

The Evolutionary Intent: Trinity of Future

The Evolutionary Intent, also known as the Trinity of the Future (Pluto Polarity Point, North Node and North Node Ruler) is the dynamic of where soul is intending to evolve too, in this current lifetime. As described previously, Natal Pluto is the path of least resistance, therefore Pluto’s Polarity Point is pointing at us how to overcome limitations that can be restricting growth. As in life, what we know is where we tend to be most comfortable so we can often see this is where the soul clings or gravitates towards, relative to the emotional security that of knowing it provides.

The Polarity point of Natal Pluto (PPP) is where the soul is intending to evolve in this lifetime. It is showing where the soul has intentions to move towards, to accomplish something from its karmic past. This current life evolutionary intent towards which the soul is evolving to, will require application of its will power. The PPP answers the question of Why are we here and What are our lessons to grow towards? The House and Sign positioning will describe the dynamics of this evolution, which must be read in context alongside the past live as symbolized by Natal Pluto. Both of these signatures need to be contextualized, as opposed to read individually. The sign position of Pluto, as mentioned above, is generational, however, the house position will show us how that individual will learn to bring awareness and bring about the intended integration in applying the lessons. During the times of transformation, the potential for conflict and confrontations is high as the evolutionary pressure to transform old patterns (Pluto) into new behaviours and thought streams by transmuting the emotional body (Pluto’s Polarity Point). In short; we evolve by embracing the evolutionary lessons represented by Pluto Polarity Point and as a result, the natal position of Pluto will automatically regenerate into higher levels of expression.

The number of Aspects that apply tells us the evolutionary pace of the soul and will be the same number of aspects to Pluto as Pluto’s Polarity Point.

The moons nodal axis by sign house and aspects – North Node

This describes the current life’s mode of operation emotionally so that the evolutionary intent (PPP) can be actualized. It will describe how striving to evolve on emotional levels as learning souls deepest lessons. (We can refer to this as the Ego of our Future)

The north node shows us the developing egocentric structure of the soul and how the intent (symbolized by PPP) will be consciously actualized. Both the house position and sign it sits in will show us the archetypes in how doing so; the house position will show us where this will be utilized and the sign will provide the flavour for this to play out.

The number of Aspects and which planets are being aspected/activated determines where in current life and which areas/functions via planets, will be available to actualize evolutionary intent (PPP). These aspects tells us how ego is developing in learning souls lessons through Pluto’s Polarity Point.

The nodal axis planetary ruler by sign, house and aspects

The planetary ruler of the North Node shows us how the north node will be consciously developed via the house position it sits in, showing Where in one’s life this will activate as well as detailing via the sign it sits in, The How in one’s life this is played out and through the aspects made, Which other archetypes will be utilized in bringing about the evolution.

Variations of Pluto in aspect to Nodal Axis

As described by Jeffery Wolf Green “When Pluto forms a direct aspect to the nodal axis it symbolizes that specific and unique evolutionary and karmic dynamic exists. The specific nature of those aspects determines what those factors are” (Pluto Vol. 1, page 16)

We can look to this as noted above, the nodal axis is representative of the previous and evolutionary egocentric structure, so any aspects made to it via Pluto is essentially, the soul speaking to the ego.

In EA, as we looks to cycles and phases, before degrees of orbs, we are more relaxed as to the orb degree and mostly use a 10 degree orb for Pluto, whereas, traditional astrology tends to use narrow orbs.

Here we will explore the core meanings and evolutionary intent behind these aspects

1. Pluto conjunct South Node: Three possibilities:

a. Relive conditioning and situation. REDO/RE-Live is the theme where past lessons are emphasized as something was not learned or completed. (This is considered rare) The issues surrounding the re-doing are shown via Pluto’s and the South Node’s house and sign positions.

b. Fruition is the second scenario here whereby prior efforts are coming into manifestation (also considered rare) as the individual has put a lot of sincere work and effort into resolving karmic situations, people or events. The planet ruling the South Node, its local and sign will supply the information concerning this special destinity that the individual is working towards.

c. Mixture of both – most common – elements of both evolutionary and karmic conditioning at play. Reliving and things coming to fruition. The house and sign positions of Pluto and South Node will describes this conditions.

In all three above scenarios, interaction via observation and correlation is key to understand what is relevant. However, there are also the type of aspects to consider; Generally speaking, non-stressful aspects to Pluto conjunct the South Node tend to indicate a frution condition. Stressful aspects tend to indicate a relive condition and a combination of both types of aspects tend to indicate a dual combination (Deva Green P58).

Additionally, in all three situations above, when Pluto is conjunct the South Node, unless there are other factors to consider, the individual will be blocked from being able to realize fully the evolutionary issues described by the North Node until the second Saturn Return, around fifty-six years of age. Planets conjunct the North Node or planets in some aspect to the North Node are when the time spent reworking these old karmic issues can be reduced, with the number of aspects to the North Node determining this reduction.

When there are other planets conjunct the South Node, not only are these planets indications of the lessons being reworked, but they are also subject to the same karmic/evolutionary conditioning and consideration must be given when interpreting these planets too.

Skipped Steps and Resolution Node

If a planet is square the nodal axis and Pluto then that planetary function by sign and house will be affected – it is as if the individual skipped steps in their evolutionary learning and these very issues are being brought back up into the light again so the karma can be cleaned. Only when the individual goes back to work at the karma that is brought up, will they be able to resolve these skipped steps and move into the direction of the North Node to be actualized.

Here we can often find the individual ‘caught’ between behaviour of the South Node and Pluto and at other times, moving towards behaviour associated with the North Node. The number of aspects to the North Node will point towards the timeframe required to resolve these past skipped steps

Pluto Conjunct North Node:

When Pluto Conjuncts the North Node, we can ascertain that the individual has been working to transform the area/s described by Pluto and the North Node and should continue with this work as tremendous growth can surface in this lifetime. All other contributing factors in the chart should be read and understand within this context. But note that Pluto’s Polarity Point will not apply and the Evolutionary Intent remains in natal house and sign with the Karmic Dynamic as the Evolutionary Intent.

(note that if a planet conjuncts or forms aspects to the South Node, then that planet is subject to the same three conditions described above)

Pluto Square the Nodal Axis

When we come across charts with Pluto squaring the Nodal Axis, we know that this individual is swinging between past karma and future intent and is at an important threshold here; With the square, we know that in previous lives the soul has worked on these karma issues (indicated by house and sign of nodes, by the means of the planetary rulers) yet the lessons have neither been fully integrated, understood or developed within. The individual is simultaneously attracted and at the same time, put off by the issues concerning both of the Nodes, yet, it is the very actions that the individual chooses to work on in this life that sets the stage for their future lives. The issues concerning the skipped steps must be resolved so the karma can be cleaned and the direction of the North Node can be more fully brought into conscious awareness. The Polarity Point of Pluto must be activated to begin the integration and resolution required for their evolution.

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