Karma Dharma

Pluto, representing the past desires and intentions, correlates with the phenomenon of Karma (Action leading to Reaction). The two opposing desires with the structure of any given soul, that of which to separate from Source and that of which to return to Source; reflects our own free will, that we have free choice to make of which to pursue. With that, comes the responsibility of accepting our own desires and that we, only we, are ultimately responsible for our evolution; that we can grow to higher heights.

We must understand that karma can be 100% negative or 100% positive. It is not by itself, a negative. It is via the interaction of the two coexisting desires with our soul that is the factor that allows us to perceive what it is that we think we need at any given time. And by isolating what we think we need, we then make choices to surrender to that perceived need. These choices then in turn, initiate action from our side and it is the reactions to these actions we chose, that determine the next round of actions and so on. These actions leads us to the reality that we experience, that we created.

Ultimately, we are free to choose within our framework of understanding of that which we perceive we need. EA helps us to identify what it is that we need, which is not always what we want, however, to free ourselves and our emotional bodies of the stuck or stagnate energy, we must first become conscious of it.

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