Environmental Conditioning

Environmental Conditioning is a process of establishing where a client is operating from. The natural evolutionary conditions and evolutionary state will not be revealed by simply looking at the natal chart. It is only by interaction; observation and correlation that we can ascertain this. This interaction allows us to determine the behavioural manifestations and the responses to the evolutionary necessities of Pluto and the nodal axis.

We can look at two persons natal charts with exactly the same birth time and birth day, however, raised in different religious, spiritual, parental, social, economical situation, life situations, means they are both bringing their own personal experience to you and the subsequent behavioural responses will be moulded by the Evolutionary state and Evolutionary conditioning. Interaction, observation and correlation is key to understanding what each client is bringing to the reading their unique blueprint of their consciousness, moulded in part due to these mitigating factors.

It is knowing these instrinics about individuals lives when reading into a chart, that we can observe and correlate – identifying behaviour to its source and tailoring our message as astrology counselors so that the message is best received in the way that the client needs to hear the message to make their choices. We all have choices to make in our lives. These choices are reflected by our desires and our desires reflect our evolutionary state and conditioning. The responsibility for our conditions are our own.

Therefore, the following questions will be sent to clients before the reading so as to gather essential information of these states and to help inform the sociological consideration relative to the socio/political context.

  • Birth date, time and place

  • Evolutionary state

  • Environmental conditioning

  • Religious/Spiritual upbringing

  • Current Belief System (if any)

  • Parent/Child history

  • Economic conditioning

  • Current occupation

  • Relationship history

  • Other vital history

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