Cycle of Aspects, Phases & Planetary Pairs

When we are referring to Phases and Aspects, we are referring to the relationship that one planet makes to another. This is measured by the difference in degrees of where in the signs and houses that each respective planet is sitting in. The place where the planets are sitting within the Natal Chart is what is telling us the phasal relationship and the degrees of separation between two planets determine the specific aspect within that phase.

There are eight primary phases of evolution and development which are as follows: The New Phase, Crescent Phase, First Quarter Phase, Gibbous Phase, Full Phase , Disseminating Phase, Last Quarter Phase and Balsamic (Culminating) Phase.

Remember as stated before, the number of aspects to Pluto (Soul) determines the evolutionary pace of an individual; more aspects and the stronger the desire to evolve, less aspects and the desire is lessened.

Any time we come across a planet in aspect to Pluto,, we know already that we are looking at some karmic lesson or situation (signified by the specific planet and house) that may have already come unders Pluto’s evolutionary impulses to transform that area in the past live/s.

The type of aspect allows us to see the attitude or impulses that the individual is attempting to work within, via those areas (signified by planet) and the individuals approach is this lifetime is a continuation of previous lives attitudes. If we consider a Venus Square Pluto Aspect; the underlying theme or archetype remains the same for everyone with this aspect, however every individual will approach this aspect bringing with them the rest of their natal chart , which will be different in each individual. Furthermore, when we add the evolutionary state someone is in and the evolutionary conditioning that we passed through, we can see a whole host of approaches in how to respond to the very same Venus Pluto Square.

Generally speaking, non-stressful aspects tend towards a more integrated understanding of the required metamorphosis and a ease of the integration process. There can be partial resolution and acceptance of the need to transmute these behavioural patterns which can be seen through the non-cataclysmic responses. Here we can see a smooth and progressively unfolding journey to purge the limitation.

There is also the case whereby the non stressful aspects manifest negatively – a decreased feeling of pressure, or desire, to evolve. In these cases, if the resistance is maintained, this is where we can come across the cataclysmic events propelling the individual or situation forward to instigate the evolutionary lesson.

The key difference in non stressful aspects in relation to stressful aspects is that even when an individual has resisted the steps towards growth and evolution and the universe has collouded to bring about the evolution via cataclysmic events; the individual has an inner knowing that these events are shifting and shaping the course of their lives, for the better and will understand why certain life events are occuring. They may still not like or appreciate the unfolding, but they will indeed accept and understand it. There is often an understanding of the metamorphic process itself.

Looking at the stressful aspects, we can note that these stressful aspects are promoting an accelerated desire to evolve and this intensified desire or pressure to evolve is to overcome limitations or blocks. There is often a lack of understanding of the dynamics at play and the individual will often be unaware that there is a outgrown and compulsive repetitive pattern to their behaviours in this area of life.

There is commonly an explosion that has to erupt to bring about the awareness; signified by cataclysmic events whereby the old patterns of relating are transmuted so that new patterns of behaviour can be brought into consciousness. The individual is usually not understanding the causes of the events that brought about the cataclysmic events, so the potential to evade responsibility and avoid the responsibility of their own actions is greater as they look outwards for the answer. It is often only after the cataclysmic event that individuals enter a rest and integration period that they can reflect and understand how their behaviour has evolved and the event brought about these much needed changes. Stressful aspects correlate to purge and evolve beyond these emotional and psychological blocks and move away from the past emotional security of limiting behaviours that are almost compulsive in nature.

Ultimately, it is down to how the individual relates and responds to change and growth that will colour how the aspect is brought to life; if an individual respects and intuits that change is a given constant; then the stressful aspects are more easily incorporated and integrated into the individuals life and their story. If the individual is resistance to growth, then the non stressful aspects can be played out via external means and bring about a traumatic and cataclysmic event; therefore asserting to the individual that change is bad. Overall, it is our individual belief and value systems that reflect our response. We can see this played back in the two coexisting desires within the soul of weather to merge or reunite with source and relative, to the dynamics of cooperation or resistance.

We can look to the age of the aspect to see how the individual is experiencing the aspect – if the aspect is new, then it is early on its evolutionary journey and there can be a feeling of ‘too tight’ associated with the aspect, until the individual brings its evolutionary lessons further into consciousness and works with the energy. If the aspect is more matured and older in nature, then the individual has been working on this area respectively in prior lifetimes and the karma is lessening as the individual works within the area(s) specified to transmute the behaviours associated. We can see the age of aspects within the ‘Phasal Relationship’ between the planets and then we look to the specific aspect (relative to the phase) to see how it is being played out.

       Key Planetary Pairs

We also look to the Key Planetary Pairings so to ascertain functional levels of key archetypes. There are 6 key Planetary pairs that we look at.

Sun/Moon ・This will show us the psychological notion of self-actualization. As it is for anyone on a spiritual path, the process of aligning spirit with ego is ultimately an ego of ‘removing ego’. To bring about a divinity in the expression of self/ego.

Moon, correlating to ego, is a necessary function – it is the actualizing/individualizing function of soul and gives the self image that others see and perceive in you. (Not necessarily how you see yourself!)

The planetary pairing of Sun/Moon describes the self actualization on a day to day basis; how people express the need to manifest their inherent purpose for their life.

Moon/Saturn Here we see how we are able to integrate our ego (Moon) and our personal identity with the social systems and larger culture (Saturn). The phasal relationship here shows how we are able to establish our own identity within the cultures; be it social culture of family, heritage, lifestyle or belief system, through to the social classes and sociological context at play. These are all factors that are shaping our identity and if one desires to align or intergrate or break free from them. Saturn is the archetype of conformity, mainstream or status quo.

Mars/Venus how we complete ourselves through relationship/s. This begins with our foremost relationship to ourselves and carries over to all relationships with others. Any relationship type forming is an act of creation in itself as two people come together to understand, hear and be heard and ‘set up’ how they will interact, hopefully, both bringing their full and authentic selves to the coupling.

Mercury/Jupiter ・ Here we can see how adept one is at arriving at their beliefs, principles and philosophies and then communicating these intellecuts out into the world. This pairing correlates to our learning process, our inclination towards and our integration.

Jupiter/Saturn Here again we see Jupiter correlating to our belief systems and the linking of these beliefs to the consensus belief system and/or culture we are in. We can see this linking being played out harmoniously or via a disharmonious means; for instance; if the prevailing cultural beliefs supports a more mainstream view, then we see how one would have to find a way to live their individual beliefs, without forgoing them, yet, being able to economically survive.

Saturn/Uranus Saturn (ruling consensus nature) and Uranus (revolution) points the way towards the social tone, structure, over arching values and general ‘order’. This is considered the most important cycle (JWG) as it shows how the existing social structure (saturn) will be radicalized through Uranus. It has a 48 year life cycle from conjunction to conjunction, maturing every 22 -24 years.

Let us now look at each of the eight phasal development relationships and their specific aspects. 

New Phase – 0 Degrees to 45 Degrees:

This is a brand new cycle of evolutionary action, relative to the evolutionary intent signature in the chart. Very much like Arien/Mars/1st House energy, instinctual and random action is initiated in order for the individual to experience their fullest undiluted expression. This leads to the inner exploration of self discovery as one watches the reaction from the action, taking place. Much freedom, independence and autonomy are required so as to allow the individual to strike out on their own terms and establish new patterns of behaviour on their initiation of a new direction. This is where the formation of individuality is symbolized.

Conjunction 0 Degrees (stressful) Pure, uncurbed and rampant energy is expressed without any egocentric awareness manifesting as the planets in aspect conjunct and operate, almost in symbiosis, within consciousness. Instinctual action and expression occurs for the individual to discover the evolutionary intent (relative to planets).

30 Degrees Semi-Sextile (nonstressful) The new evolutionary intent starts to manifest as conscious and egocentric awareness dawns, relative to the planets aspecting one another. There is a ‘sense’ of the evolutionary intent and with that, random action is reduced, as the process of self discovery begins.

40 Degrees Novil (nonstressful) We become further aware that we are moving in a new direction and we assign personal meaning to the Pluto aspect as the forming consciousness, awareness and identification of the Pluto evolutionary intent triggers a gestation process of deepening growth as we come to sense/realise the gifts relative to the manifestation of the growth.

45 Degrees Semi-Square (stressful)  A transitional aspect leading into the next phase (Crescent). There is conflict, stress or tension experienced as the ever growing competing desires to experience new (Relative to New Phase) and the need to pause, consolidate and internalize or establish a personal meaning within the evolutionary intent so that full integration may happen (Relative to Crescent Phase)

The key here is finding balance between these two desires to allow a positive expression.

Crescent Phase – 45 Degrees to 90 Degrees

Deep personal effort is required here, as the fears of sliding back into past behaviour patterns is strong. The evolutionary intention/purpose has now been brought into consciousness and is internalized and oriented to allow for it to take place via a personal structure. This structures evolution is symbolized via the following aspects within this phasal relationship.

45 Degrees Semi-Square (stressful) Here there is struggle experienced as the person tries to bring about the evolutionary intent in an individual way. The intensity here is felt as the person is trying to move past the old conditions that bound them to old ways of relating and behaviours and form new structures from which to operate from.

51’25 Degrees Septile (nonstressful) A special purpose is now assigned to the evolutionary intent. A discovery of the special purpose is sought as actions are now undertaken to find out, with some actions being clear and directed whereas some will manifest as confusion and chaos, relative to the planet in aspect to Pluto. There will be peaks and troughs with this aspect; moments where the individual can fade out the evolutionary intent and moments where its purpose is heightened.

60 Degrees Sextile (nonstressful) Via a process of contrast and comparison and of isolation from the external environment, the individual more consciously takes in the new evolutionary intent and without the outside distractions, is able to turn inwards to discover what is special and individualistic. A birthing takes place as the evolutionary intent/special destiny or purpose is given meaning relative to the aspect.This much needed contemplation and the insights afforded from it allow a process of contrast to the external world. Issues from the past can be brought to light within consciousness and at the very least, understood, naturally expanding awareness of the next steps required to move along on the path of their evolutionary intent in a purposeful and individual way.

72 Degrees Quintile (nonstressful) Here the meaning attributed to the forming evolutionary intent becomes highly individualized and ready for externalized action into the world. There still can remain a remaining tension relative to the pull of the past.

90 Degrees Square (stressful) Here we find fears of the individual as they transition from the Crescent phase to the First Quarter phase. These fears are a response to the emerging consciousness of what external forms need to take place (in First Quarter phase) and the fear of slipping back into previous habitual responses. This intensity that builds within the individual is a necessary component as they establish specific forms through which the evolutionary intent can manifest. There exists a fear of not knowing how to establish these forms or structures and bring them into the external environment or society, therefore creating an inner push/pull effect whereby there will be regular periods of isolation from the external environment in order to re-enter society with a renewed assertiveness to test out the newly established patterns that emerged into consciousness.

First Quarter Phase 90 Degrees to 135 Degrees

Also referred to as the Crisis in Action Phase due to its ability to test the individual in making real the evolutionary impulses that were began in the New Phase. The external structures or forms that were just starting to form in the Crescent phase can now be implemented in a trial by doing expression and we can see this play out by trying out many things, in order to see which best fits. This trying out will reflect the need of a highly individualistic and personal unique way of being in the world; hence the crisis in action.

90 Degrees Square (stressful) Here the specific form, relative to planets aspecting, must be clearly established in order to create the individual meaning of the evolutionary intent. Creative tensions escalate as the compulsion to slip back into past patterns is heightened, however, by allowing new patterns to emerge and be integrated, this is overcome. Alternatively, the individual may not as yet know how to establish or define these new forms, but unless this is confronted and transmuted into action, no further evolution may occur (relative to planets)

102’50 Degrees Biseptile (nonstressful) The new form that was given birth too in the Square now takes on its special destiny or purpose so as to manifest in a highly individualized way. The special destiny that was birthed at the Septile aspect is now reawakened and here the work reflects the need to externalize that into its outer reality. Making it real in the external world is required so fate can be experienced as the soul creates the necessary outer circumstance to live out the special purpose or destiny.

120 Degrees Trine (nonstressful) Here we have the potential for total consciousness rising of the entire process from the past leading to here and this allows for an ease in promoting a personal reality to reflect to the evolutionary intent/purpose of the Pluto aspect and in full integration within. Here we can see a lifestyle developing in alignment with this actualization and an ease in progressing the actualization within society.

135 Degrees Sesquiquadrate (stressful) A very powerfully intense aspect the the transition from First Quarter phase to Gibbous phase is begun. In some shape or form; an humiliation must occur or a heightened sense of humility must be brought about. This is to ensure that the individual broadens their perspective, along with their growing understanding of their personal evolutionary intent, this humbling effect occurs to ensure that the values being grown are in accordance with service to the greater good. The individual is being asked to integrate societal needs within their own needs of development. Should there be resistance on the part of the individual and a self focused intent is being manifested, emotional shocks can be expected to break through this resistance and bring societal needs to the forefront alongside personal development. Should the individual engage in a process of self analysis of why resistance was being built up, the necessary adjustments can be made.

Gibbous Phase 135 Degrees to 180 Degrees

As mentioned above, the need to develop personal humility so as to prepare to integrate within society as an equal is being developed as the individual starts the transition over to the ‘other’. Any grand ego delusions or self inflated-ness will be eradicated in order for humility and humbleness to be sown.

135 Degrees Sesquiquadrate (stressful) The Gibbous Sesquiquadrate follows in the footsteps of the First Quarter Sesquiquadrate so that personal humility can be developed and should the individual be resisting making necessary changes to ensure that the new purpose/special destiny is not linked to social needs, negative results can be expected as the soul will relive out past experiences and amid mounting confusion, must navigate to find a balance between personal reality within a social context, until the changes are made.

144 Degrees Biquintile (nonstressful)

If the changes mentioned in the Sesquiquadrate were not instigated, this aspect will reorient the individual back towards to the evolutionary intent/purpose. This happens as the purpose takes on a individualized context as the individual finds a way to provide service to society whilst actualizing this intent.

150 Degrees Inconjunct/Quincunx (stressful) Here we can encounter clarity or confusion; confusion as the individual does not know how to proceed in linking the evolutionary intentions within society, even through a felt sense of ‘something special to do’. A deep dive into one’s inner world must occur so any adjustments can be made, although this analysis usually happens via a crisis and the introspection period is started.

154 Degrees Triseptile (nonstressful) Awareness has dawned and the individual understands the importance of integrating into society as an equal with something to offer to societal needs. The analysis and humility gained has purged any delusions of grandeur and the individual is preparing to advance into society with a further realized self concept of the evolutionary intent.

180 Degrees Opposition (stressful) The last step within the Gibbous phases, as the individual prepares to enter into the Full Phase. All Oppositions symbolize a casting off of any patterns of behaviour or ways of being that are no longer helpful in the path of transformation and personal evolution. Here the individual is learning that others truths and drives are just as strong and as real as their own and any resistance to this will result in others opposing them, as they oppose the other. A real sense of relating as an equal is demanded here. There is often periods of isolation and interaction as the soul responds and then retreats to consider the received and this cycle can continue until true equality and balance is achieved in integrating within society.

Full Phase 180 Degrees to 235 Degrees

Here is where we learn socialization of consciousness and there can be a couple of ways this learning happens as we learn to relate to others as a equal. Firstly; there is an instinctual desire of being free and equally strong, is the desire to remain independent. We both desire being completed within a relationship and also fear this completion and we see this playing out via cyclical periods of isolation and interaction as the individual struggles to make sense of all the others personal values, beliefs and needs. The isolation is necessary as the individual fears losing their own essence but left too long, a personal implosion occurs as any sense of personal perspective is lost and the individual, once more, makes its way back out into the world. The key is balance and in honouring both reflection and space, as well others, feedback and interaction. Once a healthy balance is achieved, which is the true intention of this phases, then the true socialization of consciousness can manifest as the individual learns what is needed from them by society and at the same time, how to integrate their evolutionary intent in an authentic manner.

180 Degrees Opposition (stressful) A socialized framework or context must be given around the evolutionary intent and for its manifestation. This is especially true in regards to relationships and relating as an individual. Listening becomes vitally important as through this process a deeper level of understanding ones own individuality is achieved and by listening to others needs, clarity dawns as to the type of service that can be offered. It can happen through this opposition that the individual feels they are losing themselves by this listening, defining and refining their intent to the outside worlds needs; however;; it is exactly this maturing thought that must continue in its fruition so the individual truly understands that evolution occurs through and with others and their special purpose or intent has to be reflected outwards for true integration. Negatively, this process can bring about a loss of personal power or sense of identity and if this is the case and resists the opportunity and need to develop a socialized consciousness for a path of personal purpose, the evolutionary gates will remain locked here.

206 Degrees Triseptile (nonstressful) Here we find the realisation of integrating the personal evolutionary purpose within a social sphere and the soul feels ready to cooperate within a collective need.

210 Degrees Inconjunct (stressful) The first Inconjunct within the Gibbous Phase promoted a personal humility and this inconjunct has expanded to promote a social humility and perfecting attitude. This is to further clarify the above realized social meaning/purpose and the individual’s awareness of personal limitations, and now, social limitations too. Consciousness must take in and accept that there will only be so much that can be achieved and only so much they can impact in order to express their social purpose. If one resists these truths of what they can and cannot do, the lessons will be enforced via emotional confrontations and shocks.

216 Degrees Biquintile (nonstressful) Here the individual is further comparing and contrasting their innate capabilities and abilities to others, further refining their socialized evolutionary intent.

235 Degrees Sesquiquadrate (stressful) The transitioning aspect into the Disseminating Phase. As the individual has realised the importance of alignment between personal evolution within the larger context of social needs, concrete steps must be brought to awareness in the instance of school, credentials, certificates, experience etc. The individual must expand awareness to the cultural or societal rules or norms at play.

Disseminating Phase 235 Degrees to 270 Degrees

The socialization of consciousness is still at play throughout this phase as the individual learns all they can about the cultural and society’s rules, regulations and traditions in order to align their personal evolutionary intent. Another important factor during this stage is manifesting the socialized evolutionary purpose without disruption to existing social obligations.

235 Degrees Sesquiquadrate (stressful) Here the individual is feeling ready to start sharing the purpose but the recognition is there that this must happen within society’s terms. If not, the evolutionary purpose cannot be fulfilled, therefore the emphasis is on further learning of the society and all the undertones it carries within it.

240 Degrees Trine (nonstressful) There comes an ease with this aspect as the individual goes about in the process to potentialize the expression of the evolutionary intent, without society feeling threatened. The expression may be realised as the individual comes to understand how to manifest the socialized evolutionary intent due to refinement of the abstract socialized consciousness.

257 Biseptile (nonstressful) This very important aspect leads us to the Disseminating Square before taking us into the Last Quarter Phase. Here is a first forming of something along the lines of a mutation. A heavily questionable time of “Is this all there is?” “Is there more than this?” In this aspect, the individual can be drawing other individuals, situations and circumstances towards them, all in the refinement of preparing to break free or liberate from the society that one has just integrated into. This drawing in of others like this, is similar to a testing out period in making sure that there is another shared view of reality outside the consensus. This aspect makes the necessary circumstances in order for the questions to be asked.

270 Degrees Square (stressful) Mightly huge transitional aspect into the Last Quarter Phase as the individual experiences high creative tension or stress as preparation gets under way. The individual has learnt all there is to know about its existing society and now must break free, or decondition from this very society in order to evolve. This creates what is called a Crisis in Consciousness; the individual learnt to understand and incorporate society’s viewpoints, rules and traditions and now what is being asked is to liberate from these very same rules. This has to occur as the individual expands to embrace universal and timeless natural laws, free of man-made consensus laws. This deconditioning process, or stage of individuation, brings about much inner and outer rebellion. This revolt against society’s beliefs, rules, customs and regulations are felt to be too binding or restrictive, yet until the deconditioning can get underway within the Last Quarter Phase, there exists this tension until the individual can bring in alignment these new thoughts relative to universal laws.

Last Quarter Phase 270 Degrees to 315 Degrees Here is where we encounter the Crisis in Consciousness relative to the belief systems and the necessary liberation from the consensus belief system in order to evolve. Consciousness is expanding as we are asked to embrace and integrate timeless universal truths that are not bound by a conditioned belief system. The crisis is brought about as the individual has learnt to integrate within society in the previous phases will now need to be transmuted as a learning process begins of aligning with these timeless universal truths. The peak of this experience will brought about in the Balsamic Phase which follows.

270 Degrees Square (stressful) What to believe, how to think and any relating patterns will need to be let go of as the individual experiences a progressively repolarization of consciousness in order to let go and liberate from the old ways of consensus and embrace timeless natural laws. The tension of the squares is always related to a creative tension and this will be brought to effect as the individual feels a new way of being and thinking in the distant horizon.

288 Degrees Quintile (nonstressful) Cosmic identity starts to dawn on the individual and the intention of transforming consciousness relative to social/personal identity is given birth. The inner relationship to one’s goddess/source/creator/god is taking place and through this, the soul will understand the cosmic role it is being asked to perform.

300 Degrees Sextile (nonstressful) The individual from past to future is emerging as the cosmic identity is assigned with its productive past and understands how to fulfil the role, or at the distortion level, it can be easily resisted at this aspect.

308 Degrees Septile (nonstressful) The cosmic meaning or special purpose that was birthed at the 300 Degrees Sextile is now giving actionable steps to fulfil. Any misidentification or misuse of the special purpose will be quickly brought to light as the soul will create the circumstances so that any prevailing delusions can be expelled and a reminder to the special purpose is given.

315 Degrees Semi-Square (stressful) Transition into the Balsamic Phase and the need to isolate ones self is tremendous, in itself, this need generates a lot of stress as the withdrawal from social interaction is to further embed the seeds of timeless and universal truths. There is also the intensified need to fulfil social obligations.

Balsamic Phase 315 Degrees to 360 Degrees

Here, everything that is incomplete or unfinished is brought to a culmination and must now complete. This is the final stages taking place as an embrace of timeless and universal natural laws and truths. A creative process of self actualization can begin as new patterns and behaviours can be brought into effect. This is the prelude to a brand new cycle of evolutionary intent, as signified by the next New Phase.

315 Degrees Semi-Square (stressful) A new type of crisis is here, this time as the individual accelerates between leaving behind the past on both a personal and cultural level and embraces the future. This creates a cycle of uncertainty and fear associated with this and there will be polar oppositions at play as on one hand, the individual will strongly desire to embrace solitude to allow the new seeds of transformation to internalize within consciousness and in experiences. And yet, on the other hand, the desire to stay within the parameters of what is known exists in terms of patterns, style and types of relating. It is via new forms of relations emerging that the individual will itself experience these new behaviours being created. The individual must allow for these natural cycles of isolation and interaction to occur and honour these as periods of necessary change to reflect and integrate and to live out these changes within social obligations.

320 Degrees Novil (nonstressful) The soul recognizes that the cycle of evolution that was began at the New Phase must begin with outwardly manifested steps to progress towards this evolution. There still exists the fears and perceptions of the unknown and the individual may retreat into the past at times, yet ultimately, knowing that the cycle of evolution is via a forwards motion.

330 Degrees Semi-Sextile (nonstressful) Here the individual is being asked to remain focused and committed to their formulation of their personal purpose within a societal context as others may not comprehend what the individual is trying to accomplish and there is often a perception of strangeness or at least, of different. The individual will be attempting to manifest its life in alignment with these timeless universal laws as its completion of this phase is nearing. The lessons that came forth in the New Phase are now rapidly dissolving and this can lead the individual to experience levels of emptiness and meaninglessness, left looking for a personal identity or purpose. What is being asked is to let go of the past and embrace the new future, with all its thoughts, impulses and insights of the next evolutionary cycle. This will be the next journey for the soul and the key is to let go of all that was and move towards the uncertain once more.

360 Degrees Conjunction (stressful) From the Balsamic Semi-Square to the Conjunction here, the soul has completed its intitairy journey from egocentric consciousness to universal consciousness and will now begin preparing its next evolutionary stage of development as this cycle comes to a close. This soul will never again experience the pluto aspect (or any other planets at this aspect) in the same way as the lessons have been actualized and are now being brought to a culmination. With Pluto here in this aspect, the relationship to Goddess/Source/Creator etc can be readily experienced and expressed, yet with Pluto aspects here, there can be feelings of alienation, disillusionment and a disassociation which is designed to teach the individual about their own nature of disillusionment in trying to achieve a inner state of peace or equilibrium via external means or conditions. This peace can only be brought about by inner explorations and ways of relating to soul and source.

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