We all have our own unique skylights path

The inner map that leads the way to our growing individual wisdom

Only through knowing ourselves, do we come to know the parts of us that are yet to be known…

By using the principles as laid out by the Jeffery Wolf Green method of Evolutionary Astrology in the original ‘Pluto School’, we are able to offer a method of astrological counselling following the evolutionary intent of the soul to aid in transformation and healing.

In this day of age, Astrology has gone ‘mainstream’. Personally, anything which encourages an promotes heightened self aware and expanding consciousness hitting the mainstream is a good thing in my book! However, when trying to understand your chart we are often led to “Moon in Scorpio equals….” or “Venus in 7th House equals….” Trying to synthesise the whole natal chart within a context can become overwhelming. Within the Evolutionary Astrology approach, planets, houses, signs and aspects are interpreted in an evolutionary dimension, using the beautiful symbology of life through the archetypes unfolding. There is a clearly identifiable Past, a current Present and a potential Future unfolding.

This approach will help identify the past evolutionary context of any individual, answering the questions of how and why they had that past (Why am I here?), and identifies what conditioning from the past has led to the present state of conditions within this lifetime (Why do I do/keep doing the things I do?). By understanding the evolutionary intent of an individuals soul we are able to pinpoint the evolutionary lessons that are represented in this lifetime (What am I here to do? What are my lessons?).

In this way, we are able to approach life with a stronger sense of purpose and heightened divinity and loving wisdom as we are invited into a deeper reality beyond the mere appearance of Life as we know it. We are able to increasingly experience the soul or our core individuality within as it is expressed outwards.

Evolutionary Astrology encourages deeper insight into the nature of life by taking its principles from the Natural Laws of Creation and moves us beyond and away from the conditionings of man made laws that are at play as it facilitates the deep work of individuation.

“We are all responsible for our own evolution, for our own karma and the experiences of reality that we all share” Jeffery Wolf Green – Pluto Vol.I

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