Agent Provocateur

Stepping inside

or is it stepping outside

What imprint here do I carry


Freedom = Happiness

Where was that taught in class?

And if not in class, who gave this teaching?

Concept, turn for me..  There’s the alternative

Excuse me please, you’re restricting my Independence

May I pass? That freedom was hard earned

No, don’t try to control..

That allows me to flash my get out of jail card easier

No, I dont’ want to hurt.. But remember those conversations,

Many of them..

That was the telling of Now..

I’m sorry if it slighly longer to arrive where I stand..

Let’s not accuse or project.. I’m not trying to gain your attention

I don’t wish to prove anything more … it was once worthy to prove my love..

The time has ticked..  its a natural to part now, as it once was to come together..

Oh, don’t blame me for what was shown.. if I must walk away with my many battle scars from time with you…  Surely you can appreicate I never tried to hurt

Let me go with care and honour what we weren’t ..



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