No More Words Please

As we wake to another day of this emerging new reality, as humanity is collectively being asked to walk the Heroine’s journey,  to sit and toil in the hot, hot belly of the beast, I have been saddened to hear and see the extraordinary amount of people posting, in what is considered to be progressive, provocative or (thought ?) provoking messages about how us humans have screwed up the world = so what else did we expect etc, etc etc in response to the current global situation…

I’m sure you know what i’m talking about..


Because, as beautifully poetic and humanitarian as we may try to paint ourselves, or how we position ourselves as being different “” “To The Masses” “”, I ask;  What actions did you take at this time of need?  How much of your time and energy went into mindless TV shows and lost, never-to-be-regained-time on social media??  Were you reaching out to your ex or were you reaching out to someone in need?  Just how much time did you really spend shopping and did you really need that new pair of shoes?  Ask yourself, or allow me to ask you; how much money did you spend on yet more things, that you certainly didn’t need?  And in contrast, how did you contribute to someone else being able to eat or have shelter for a night? How did your actions affect the community as a whole?  Did you stay in and protect yourself and as a consequence, protect all of us?  Or were you ‘bored’ and wanting to hit the bars, restaurants and clubs?  Did you think of you and your needs or did you consider that each and every action that we are individually taking affects each and every one of us on this planet?

As I talk with my soul family about this and the drive behind this shocking behaviour; we mostly share the view; those that can, Do. and those that won’t, Talk.

I’ve seen some very strange things happening; people suddenly falling in love with their job’s again, no doubt in fear of the looming economy crash? People reaching out looking for an emotional high, a promise that there will be a ‘forever’. It is fear that is driving these behaviours.  But was it not fear that led each of us to this very place?

I am waiting to see what happens. When the world will slowly start cranking up again after this, how will it have changed us? What habits will be disrupted?  How many people will find their way out of their unconsciousness?  Will we start to see more people taking responsibly for their own small part of the world?  Will we continue to blame our governments for corruption whilst our own hands are dirty of not helping?  Or will we continue to believe “it’s everyone else”?  Will we continue to buy into the consumer based reality that we currently sit within?  Or we will strike out on our own and shout “Enough”; reclaiming our power to live the very values that we aspire from our governments?

And if that happens, how will people start spending their time, if not eating in restaurants, drunk in bars, or medicating on facebook?  The world will change as a result of this, this is what we have apparently been calling out for a long time.  But the question we will have to answer is; how will we have changed as a result?

It is a fool’s journey that asks for a different outer reality without examining and transforming the inner reality.

I will come back to this huge subject, hoping to share a more constructive and meaningful message, but right now…  this post is entirely serving the purpose of venting my sadness, anger and frustration…

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