So Here We Stand

We are being called to Life.   

Nature has heard the call and is thriving; look as the animals slowly, hesitantly but surely, make their way back into our urban landscapes, unaware that our whole collective health is being tested. Have no doubt; the world is changing, transforming and mutating into a new reality.   What is happening now bears weight and all that we do will impact and lead us into this new reality. Our human intelligence is only going to get us so far at this point as we are face ourselves and our deepest rawest fears – depending where we are each at; we are being asked to define or refine; what truly matters for us and to purge what have been our distractions.   

The situation that is unfolding painfully around the world allows us to fully grasp that Life is our one true master and cares quite little for our own plans.  We are asked to step further and further into our warriorship by holding space for ourselves and others.  We seem to be rotating in the conversation sphere of “when will this be over?”, yet what is occurring is speaking to our own individual emotional and psychological wounds – and will they ever go away?     

Suffering is part of life; it is bound up in the contract we sign when we come into this earth. Siddhartha Gautama laid this out as the First Noble Truth. Suffering is not looking for who deserves it or working to distribute it fairly across people or nations.  Suffering hits us when we are not looking ; it is how we respond to it that makes us.  By and By, coming to touch the smallest aspects of joy in the face of suffering is what allows our wisdom to develop.   

Come, come stand here and meet yourself; you are not alone. There are many of us standing together meeting this moment with as much courage and honesty as we can.  We still cry, still have monster fears and question if we can continue.  We can. And we Will.   

And that’s the truth; every day we have a choice on how to respond and make our way through our day.   That’s a gift of awareness if we so choose it to be.  Honoring our inner life will often involve honoring our fears;  if we don’t acknowledge them, they will come to rule us and our lives, as each thought, behaviour and action remains seated in past habitual patterns and imprints.  Don’t let the jealous beast of Fear scare you, listen to it; your fears will lead you through to the other side of freedom.  Untangle yourself from its hold and the trance it casts upon you.  Because here we stand.   

As Mars apply’s pressure on Saturn to initiate us into a bigger state of awareness; we are sharply, some say rudely, woken.  Go to your practice; Those that read my site regularly and those of my soul family out there know this is my Go-To advice; Take your place on your mat; Bow upon your meditation cushion; and simply allow for all to rise.  

One of my favourite astrologers recently reposted an old saying:

“When the ego weeps for what it has lost,
the Spirit rejoices for what it has found.”

We are diving deep into a core truth and for once; we are doing it together.  Return to yourself, return to your practice.  This is no longer about our individual trauma’s; this new trauma will leave a scar across us all and once we are free to leave our homes; we all most certainly will be changed in a changed world.   This is where we stand.  

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