Sunset at Pushkar

Burnt Orange, Husky Reds, Tribal beats amidst a dimming heat

What was captured in the day will now surely fade away..

Another day is over, long hours passed, talking dreaming,,

many many stories exchanged along the way..

We share; glimpses of life; trying best to convey who we are, how we came to be..

Once these have been told, we settle into our chai’s, moving deeper into our musings

We share our plans and we share our confusions..

Sunset at Pushkar; discoveries of our onwards journeys; train schedules amidst farewell embraces..

We close our time here, shrouded in Brahma energy..

Sunset at Pushkar, Evening hikes to Savitri; declarations of devotion, wild calls to heavenly skies..

Manifestations of life partners, aspirations of joyous emotions…

Sunsets at Pushkar,  sitting quiet at lakeside,

familiar faces and many, not so familiar..

Sunset at Pushkar, beautiful women swathed in silky textured cloths

Gypsy women selling their fare; metals to turn the skin black alongside faded henna lines..

Black skinned men with coconut instruments..

Dread locked travellers, wandering souls, here we gather; Indians across caste,

We all gather and we all roam

Sunset at Pushkar, swaying hips

Grazing cows, white clothed Brahims,

Long lens, meditating devotees..

The sun sets, final blazes streak across the sky

Darkness is falling, lights, one by one, appearing as we enter the magic of night..

And we say Goodbye

to another day in Pushkar and welcome it’s night..

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