Hi There Loving Earth Trine!

Friday August 30th grants us with the gift of a New Supermoon falling in Virgo. This is a special one, hence why I decided to write about it. This is a new cycle and for me personally, I see this Supermoon and the planetary aspects at play, as a gift, an offering from the universe, almost as a spirits test to check in with me; am I really willing to put into effect the wisdom I sought during the painful Capricorn-Cancer eclipse season that we recently journeyed through. Well, I am.

For what came up for us all in Capricorn-Cancer Eclipses in July period was a Call to Self; are we honouring our own innate needs and how much are we giving out, without checking back in to see what we are receiving. It was a lot more than that only, so i’ll refer back to it as we look at this upcoming Supermoon and see how it’s interwoven the message throughout.

We are starting to seed new information within our consciousness at this time and are being asked to integrate the new and full moon energies as we come to this brand new cycle. We can see this play out through the loving and sustaining earth trine that is at play; we have Uranus in Taurus, we have a party in Virgo with Mercury, Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars all there (all tightly conjunct) and then we see Saturn and Pluto completing the earth trine in Capricorn. This is HUGE sustaining energy; The effects set in motion this week are for our future as we are asked to look around and look within; what behaviours, thoughts, careers, relationships, ways of being, are no longer serving us. These themes were brought to a powerful climax during July as we came face to face with some truths and most would have felt the effects and hopefully followed through with a noble nod to our soul. There are now matters that are coming into our awareness for work as we look to align ourselves with our highest potential. We will not be allowed to sit within lower vibrating energies going forward and anyone ignoring these messages from the universe, do so at their own risk! We are invited to do the work…

Through the Taurean Energy of grounding, we are being asked to establish pathways, values that are a true alignment of ourselves. Taurus rules this inner reliance that we must seek in our own liberation on the path to home and we can find that we’ve been asked to set up structures that allow these values to be manifested in the future. Through this process of identification and clarification of values, the Virgo archetype provides the structure and the necessary discernment of clearing out the old. We must be able to recognize and be able to gracefully part ways when we come to understand that a certain path, career or relationship is not activating our highest potential. This is why we come to earth; to achieve our greatest embodiment whilst providing service to others. Anything that doesn’t provide nourishment must go. To honour oneself like this; is a pure expression of love, which this earth needs more of.

There is a supportive trine to the New Phase of Mars and Venus that is coming into play; this is a flowing trine which allows us to move in flow and in grace with integrating the lessons that we learned during the powerful, sometimes painful, eclipse season in July. We are now being given opportunities to set within motion the seeding behaviours that we identified in the eclipses. Think of this New Moon as a loving clarifying energy to the messages that we received in July and look upon this time as a period to start integrating and moving towards the new. An assimilation that is supported by the Quiet that Virgo is asking of us as we discern what to let go of and what to move forward with; we see this is also supported by new phase Mars and Venus Conjunction as we will uncover blind spots and the truth will slowly be revealed. It is via the stillness and quiet that we awaken to what is needed, and what is sustainable for us; Earth Trine = Sustainable.

As we will move through this energy for the next approx. 2 weeks + and right through until the next eclipse season (approx 6 months away) we can definitely expect the final earth element of Capricorn to come into play as we will be asked to move forward to embrace what we are now uncovering and discerning; What will be let go of, will be done. What we came to understand as exhaustion, fatigues and burning us out will be released. What we identified as nourishment and fulfillment, on a soul level, will be taken up as we move forward in search of more. Saturn rules the existing consensus structures and as he sits in his home sign of Capricorn, conjunct Pluto (Soul), this is a universal message to us to move into the flow of what is now becoming. Welcome silence, stillness, peacefulness and groundedness with a trust that the universe is working for us. Work with it.

We all have an internal sense of navigation, a sense of connected to something grander than just ourselves and it is now that we are able to ‘see’ these streams and to move into them. Purge what is not ours, refocus on focus and ground into our physical body to let us feel our way into nourishment.

This new moon wants us to be happy, but really truly deeply happy, in alignment with our deepest self and in wrapping up this super high vibing month of August, we can seal in this new moon energy with ritual work, getting into our bodies with movement and a steady sense of grounding as we look to bigger, brighter, and more fulfilling futures coupled with our highest potentials!

I wish you all a most Loving and Sustaining Happy New Moon XX

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