My Biggest Revolution of All

When the world feels scary and you feel small, Love with all your might.

When people can be cruel and you feel stalled, Love with all your might.

Love with all your might and Love with an unwavering devotion to your higher self and the highest power.

In time and in experience; Discerning wisdom will ensure that we are loving the right person. My time is teaching me many things. Two fundamentals truths for me now are this;

1. People love at their level of consciousness – the way and how they love, is a reflection of where they are at. We cannot change that. And should we wish to, is it really a Love?

2. Hurt people hurt people – Watch your red flags, feel into your belly and know when to walk away. This is the sign of emotional maturing peaking. And sometimes we don’t always get it right. 

The work to pick yourself back up after a break up and a broken heart is long and hard; Yet it tells and teaches us many lessons (personally, for me i’d prefer to use that energy on other nice things, but mmm, such is life!) Yet, may we walk away with a sense of understanding and clarity on the parting. May we take our lessons and offer our honour to the offer for what was shared. May we learn from mistakes and may we clean our heart of hurts gone by.

To carry the hurt and the pain, to feel the blackness within our hearts, to project anger towards the other, this is the Cowards way for it is the easiest way. It takes a warrior of the heart to release these binds and to clear the way for true wisdom to dawn. This cannot happen under the canopy of blame. Release the other and release yourself. To Love again, scars and all is the finest rebellion.

Remember, it is not the wounds that teach us the lessons, for it is in the healing that we learn. We learn who we are, regardless of the other; we learn to see ourselves deeply, our projections and our stories. Clean your heart of bitterness and anger. It when when we protect ourselves from the feelings of pain and hurt, that that protection can become like a suit of armor and we do not realize the injustice of that armor that is imprisoning the softness of our hearts. Release your suit of armor and go into the tenderness of your heart space. From there, we will Love again.

And that is the greatest revolution; To not turn our backs on our hearts and to not turn our stories into a never ending tape that shapes our lives ; take what we need from our experiences but never forget that we are here on this planet to love and to open to the experience of Love. Feeling the feelings, but please, drop the stories!

Life is a but a reflection of Nature and just as heavy storms pass, know that not all come to disrupt our lives, some come to clear our path for greater loves and truer authenticity. Bear the storms as a warrior and be the person that you wish to become. Let goodness take reign over fear. Let our thoughts, speech and action spring from our true selves. Catch ourselves when lost in the grip of our lower ego and compassionately direct our energy upwards.

Ask ourselves; Am I going to practice peace or am I going to practice war? Keep asking this question. The greatest revolution we can participate in is the Revolution of Love and Loving Freedom; This Love allows the Freedom of healing to occur across each of the four bodies and from there; we Love Again. This Love sets another free.

Be Brave Beautiful Animals and Love Once More.

Do everything you have to do, but not with greed, not with ego, not with lust, not with envy but with Love, compassion, humility, and devotion” Lord Krishna

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