That which we Fear

Here it comes
Rolling waves of formidable strength
Here it comes
The tightening of my chest

That which we fear
Only asking to be seen
That which we fear
Needing to be freed

Here it comes
A quickening of mind
Here it comes
Fastness of breath
Here it comes
That scares me so much

Here it shall come…
On and On.. it comes and goes..
And with every wave and loop of thoughts passing through me
It settles and we find our peace

That which I feared
Also feared me
That which I feared
Only needed to be seen

With kindness and patience
She does retreat
Her insanity is momentary
Her wisdom is free

That which I feared
Was covered in fear
That which I feared
Pause, Pause…
Shenpa anyone..?

Here it shall come
Open, Pause, Pause
Listen, Pause and Breathe
With the ears of my heart
And the guides of my touch

That which I feared
Retreats and dissipates
That which I feared
Waited in its darkness
To be set free

Oh you who I feared,
Touch and Go,
The transformation is complete
Oh, poor me, it was that I feared

That which I don’t fear
Is a friend to me
That what I don’t fear,
Is myself, an alchemical jewel

Here it comes
My truest teacher and wisest sage
Hello Dear Friend
What is it that you shall teach me today?

August 2018, Dechen Choling, France



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