The Arena of Life

As we journey through life, we are often struck by our ever evolving nature’s… often wondering… who am I? Which part of ‘Me’; is the most ‘Me’? As our moods and states of minds are constantly shifting and changing, as does the rotation of the skies and the seasons, we may come to recognize our rising and falling emotions as symbols of our divine human-ness. Change is inevitable.

These complex and transitionary states are exactly that: Symbols of Energy that we all express, some more than others, others less than others, whole groups of people more so than another group, some more than others at different times in our life. And it is via these differences, that we recognize the beautifulness of our individuality.


When our curiosity into these energy states is such, we may stumble into astrology, with its complex and astonishing detailed methodology to make sense of these energies and come to know ancient greek, roman, norse & egyptian myths, amongst others, as story telling models; giving birth, through language, to these energies. If we retrace our human timeline, we find after the age of reason and the enlightenment period, western psychology’s rise up and distinguished these as the study of archetypes and archetypal energy.

When delving into the archetypes, these of which that make up the 12 zodiac signs, we can do well to recognize that each archetype is a bond, bound to a psychological factor, designed to facilitate the growth of the soul.
Some may agree that this is the ultimate human experience.

More mainstream astrology readings can have us fall into the trap of thinking “I am Taurus”, “He is Cancer”, so forth,, however, we would be wise to recognize that each of the 12 archetypes/zodiac’s (not forgetting their corresponding house and planet, a point we will return to and the body of this article) is suggesting, a manifestation of that particular energy, belonging to that archetype.

If we add in the house placements, along with transits and progressions, it can show us where in our life, and when in our lives, we can expect to feel that energy more so.
Simply stated; Astrology allows us to map where and when we may feel a particular energy more so.

The beauty of this craft, is that with patience and dedication, we are able to become true co-creators and determine the extent, if any, that we wish to play at any time. Free Will meets Soul Destiny.

To go back to natal astrology, in essence, we’re dissecting a small fragment of the totality of human consciousness; If we are all playing out these archetypal energies; differently and at different times; it is fair to acknowledge that we all possess them, in varying quantities and in different arenas of life. But they are within us, as the stars are above us.

Let us appreciate the messages from the heavens that these mysterious and wondrous glyphs are translating down to us and let us bow in humbleness as we look to decipher their messages and recognize that all is connected: All 12 zodiac signs show us, alongside the corresponding planet and natal house, an expression, a myth, a archetype of consciousness that is wanting to manifest and the evolutionary intentions of the soul for this lifetime, therefore providing the brought about real life scenarios to further us along in our scripts. Furthermore, this exchange of growth happens sporadically, as regulated by the consciousness of the individual and their willingness to embrace their own inner and outer realities and take responsibility for how these are experienced and integrated into their whole self.

Consequently, the myths/archetypes are there in language, allowing us to give birth to the seeds in our consciousness, prompting transformations that are waiting for us.
They are working to provide us with a specific psychological function within the souls experience, fundamental structures of energy that we all possess and can bring to us growth, after casting self awareness to that area.

The different natal houses and the aspects made between planets is what governs each persons individuality to essentially each owns life path. Via a natal chart and reading of these three things: Sign, Planet and House, we are honored glimpses into individuals structure of consciousness. {For example: Sagittarius, 9th House & Jupiter are containers of the same energy, as is Mars, 1st House and Aries, and so on).

Below we will explore each of the 12 archetypes, assessing the natural expression – when the energy is in alignment with natural laws, but we’ll also cover distortions of each, for as we know; human conditioning is the norm in our cultures: we are all subject to some distortions across the archetypes. Therefore, understanding the distorted energy is fundamental to accessing and integration of all parts of self.
Let our journey begin..

Happy Astrological New Year, thus marking the ascent into Aries/the 1st house/Ascendant with its rulership of Mars, showcasing how the firey yang energy here moving outwards: a brand new cycle is beginning, after a period of completion! The cardinal energy here is a mixed bag of initiatory action, energy that is just beginning, yet it carries the intrinsic insecurity attached to all cardinal energy. There is something here to do with their innate need of growth and change, yet, once they initiate these steps, their insecurity kicks in about the upcoming change.. The change is (mostly) brought about, however, it just takes longer than usual and reflects their evolution as they become more and more comfortable in sitting with and in, the unknown.. As that usually means a separating from what they do know, often very well.
With the dynamic Arian energy at play, this is often likened to anxiety of separation from the womb as the soul is being born into this earthly realm, and along with the other fire archetypes, there is a pressing need to discover their special destiny, to answer that old age burning question of: what am I here to do? All that firey Mars/H1/Ariean energy is needing to be channeled! Aries starts the process off by its continual discovery of its intrinsic identity; as it continually searches for new adventures to initiate itself in, ever covering new ground, its understanding of itself, in relation back to itself and the world around, constantly shifting and expanding, thus allowing ever growing awareness of what it is, and what it isn’t, through valuation and close up assessment against and to others, a continual journey on a state of becoming..

The Fire triad represents special destiny so let’s quickly map the evolutionary intent; Once the Arian Energy is accustomed to its never-ending process of self-discovery, the natural warrior has been born, Leo Fire energy moves that discovery lens to its creative pursuits and the search for itself via a creative outlet begins, and finally, as we have moved to the opposite side of the astrological wheel and the more altruistic signs, Sagittarius asks how we can apply this understanding to the greater good, the world; in general.
It is because of these internal searches that we have come to know the fire signs as being fiercely independent, demanding of their freedom, requiring high degrees of autonomy at times so that their internal quest may continue.
Once we understand this we are more likely to understand ‘typical’ Arian energy which is loosely based on an action-reaction level, however, with, age, experience and applied wisdom; they are able to apply fore-thought and not require so much feedback from their audience before initiating with what it is that they feel or believe.
Distortions can lead to arrogance, domination of others and anger – all powerful Mars energy that is mostly likened being shaped by internal insecurities as it expresses outward; Where you find Aries or Mars within your chart, or the condition of your first house, you may be best placed to stop and consider this archetypal energy, form the others point of view! These internal insecurities only add limitations to internal growth and further evolution.

The way out of this is via its polarity point –Libra, Venus and 7H. These are the opposite archetypes carrying energy which naturally leads to “Others” and away, thankfully, from what really could become a self-obsessed quest about “I”. It is only through others can we know ourselves, as a mirror back of who we are in relation to other and Libra will ask Aries energy to balance itself out by ideally, seeking and creating harmony with others; in a quest to find that ever perfect and delicate mix of I/WE. Yes, we require our freedom, however we are also social beings.

If taken to the extreme distorted Libran energy can generate co-dependency and a complete lack of relativity in relation to our own personal needs: It becomes all about ‘The Other’, perhaps in a careful, or maybe, unconsciousness bid, as not to be alone.
In unraveling our cultures of today, in the western developed worlds we can see how we are encouraged to believe in these distortions; an encouragement of this unhealthy addiction to co-dependency and needing of the other. We can see this everywhere. We are rarely encouraged or schooled in our universities and other institutions to develop our own way of thinking. Yes, we are told to think, but not, sadly, how to think or question the prevalent norms.

Libra is asking us to stand as an equal in relationships and the community at large and establish healthy give and take in our interactions, yet it is by journeying through Virgo, we hopefully will have arrived at a place to apply these lessons of humility and allow the Libran qualities of harmony, beauty and sharing to come through in healthy and equalitarian ways.
Essentially, Libra distortions will show us how we lose ourselves, in our effort to be in relation with the other (Aries {Self} lost in Libra dynamic {other})

Venus, co-ruling Libra and Taurus governs the listening principle: Generally, what we all want in relationships; on a very primitive beginning level, is to be heard and listened to; and Libra is the archetype energy that teaches us how to do that: How we learn to listen to others, as THEY need, not as we think they need.
How also to hear their interpretation of reality, without filtering through our own experiences.

Libra is again of the cardinal trinity and also like Aries, a Male/Yang archetype of where the energy is moving outwards in its consciousness but here we have the airy quality so a lot of mental activity is taking place, a continual assessing and weighing up or situations, people and events, as it searches for its truthful balance. These intense lessons of balance must be learned and Libra signifies the extremes polarization as we try to find the balance between. In its distorted form, Libra can set up, subconsciously, the classic “Need to be Needed” dynamic as it struggles to understand and/or identify with its own displaced emotional needs of needing others, it can at time, project the need onto partners, therefore becoming the one who is always needed or saving the other.
This can cease when BOTH partners have learned to go within and meet their needs internally, without projecting these emotional needs onto the partner.
We can see how this plays out in people whereby they continually seem to change their personalities over time in their intimate relationships; their own inner work has not been completed so they assume the projected role from their partner, in the short term; it can work, over long term; both partners feel deeply dissatisfied; one for not being able to be themselves for fear of the relationship disintegrating and the other for feeling cheated that the person before them was not their true self. (Deva Green refers to this as the chameleon archetype)

Again, all this can often be on a subconscious level, an act to manipulate the dynamics to ensure partnership; a truly Libran word in its natural state.

If we consider the inconjunction from Libra to Taurus and naturally move back to the Female/Yin, earthy fixed energy of Taurus and 2nd House, which is the first manifestation of Venusian Energy: it asks to become self-sufficient within Ourselves, as opposed to what we have just looked at of the Libran distortion of being fulfilled by the other – we now know this is not possible: self sufficient must, and truly, can only come about from ourselves and within. When operating from this place of self love, we are able to healthily love and encourage our partners and not create a co-dependent dynamic. The inwards moving Yin energy is very grounding (earth) to our identity and the fixed nature of this sign creates a strong foundation for this to be built upon.

Fixed nature+ earth element are a very formidable determined force. However, Taurus will needs to learn with age and experience that it doesn’t have to resist habitual behavioral changes, learning that the resistance is a bid to cover up its own insecurities of possibly losing its identity if changing itself. As mentioned above, Venus correlates to the psychology of listening and the manifestation in Taurus prompts the inner listening; to Self. Taurus reflects the inner listening to ourselves that we are doing, assessing our rooting of our identity in the values we deem as important: For Taurus, this carefully defined set of values is what constitutes survival for them. Taurus governs the concept of pro-creation /survival. ((Libra symbolizes the listening we do to others, based on that inner listening to ourselves) A Taurean motto could be “Becoming self reliant is key” – Don’t act out, impose or take another values as your own. Uncover your own reality and create your own inner self reliance. The distortion of this is of a know it all, a self righteous person, who believing they are living the ‘correct way’, recklessly refusing to move on ideas or points of view.

Via the Scorpio polarity point: Scorpio rules all things deep: evolution in its highest form, alongside metamorphosis, transformation and transmutation, so it is no coincidence Scorpio rules the fields of psychology and psycho analysis.. as well as manipulation, betrayal and revenge: We are only able to know our light, by going through our shadows, and no superficial skimming allowed neither! For Scorpio will surely catch up with us all! Scorpio asks why; “Why do I believe this?” “Why do they believe that?” “Why do they behave like that and I behave like this?” Scorpio, Pluto, 8th House symbolizes all that we call soul – soul remains, long after everything else has faded.

Consider the darkest aspects of our psych, the aspects of ourselves that we reject, repress or suppress, and you may start to piece together the function of the Scorpion/Pluto and House 8 – it is to take the understanding of the value system and pull it apart, designed to educate us WHY it is that we believe that, exposing all limitations and possible stagnation of growth that goes hand in hand with that thinking. Scorpio is deep and takes extreme inner work to first see, and then purge, these less than desirable qualities.
Perhaps this is where the vengeful aspect or dimension comes into play; its only fury that it is looking at its most dreaded parts and the intensity of feeling that arises with that, and the subsequent contempt whilst watching others artfully, avoid their emotional, mental and psychological baggage. These are the archetypes that carry deep tones of intensity and the fixed energy alongside that, can generate atmospheres of intensity.
Scorpion energy is available once we have mastered the Taurean/2nd
House/Venus qualities of clarifying our values and gaining some kind of mastery in a fundamental self reliance, then we are able to access the scorpion power to move into the deeper realms of human relations by metamorphosing these and like a vehicle, accessing deeper levels of consciousness as we transform and transcend our first layer values, taking them deeper, in an effort to merge and share with another.

The mutability, masculine, airy and outward directed energy of Gemini and 3rd House, can be succinctly symbolized by the Greek/Roman god Mercury and Hermes, as the psychopomps of the zodiac. Gemini access’s and utilizes the left sided rational side of the brain, therefore looking to make sense and put everything into boxes, truly a science of classifications and order.. it looks for order, in a linear and analytical approach, making sense of the external world through analysis.

However.. we know life doesn’t always exist in this realm and part of the wisdom here that is to be gained, is how to ultimately let go of this need of knowledge, information, facts and data and lean into the mystery of life as we learn to dance with the profoundness of all that is unknown, trusting that life will always deliver, not always what we can know and classify, however, that is where the lessons are to be learnt.. Gemini, by default expresses our desires to understand and in doing so, amassing huge amounts of knowledge along the way, reflects our own orientation towards knowing what we do, however, leaving out which we don’t know to know, which implies its inner insecurity. This is signified by the co-rulership of mercury with Virgo, she of discriminating nature.

The conditioning we live in today society is a Gemini oriented linear and rational way of living – a reward culture of knowing. A risk of doing so, can literally cause an implosion on the mental faculty, increased burnouts and unprecedented levels of medications being the tell tale signs of this happening.

Without slowing down in the amassing of information and learning how to integrate this information, we create blocks from an evolutionary point of view. But the risk in slowing down creates a restless and bored Gemini which can dominate out sense of being. Yet, in truly assimilating the information, our knowledge can transform into wisdom and we are then able to share with others, the air triad of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius representing communication and collection of diversity of information.
In essence, there is no limit as to the vast amount of information can be taken in here, yet, the emphasis can manifest in shallowness of data, statistics and facts, until we can learn to deepen the knowledge gained into profounder metaphysical truths through accessing the philosophical Sagittarius/9th House/Jupiter archetype, correlating to the right brain, emotive, abstract, conceptual and intuitive philosophical natures. It is from here that the ancient cultures and indigenous people lived side by side with nature.

We move from a Gemini/I sense of knowing to a Sagittarian/We-ness of knowing and understanding life in a metaphysical, cosmological and philosophical nature with a strong emphasis on belief structures and a holistic approach. We learn that ‘Our Truth’ is not ‘The Truth’ via the Sagittarius polarity point. The right and left brains become balanced within consciousness.

The yang and fire element of Sagittarius, 9th House and Jupiter relate to the archetype of the teacher, or the natural wisdom that we all own and expressions in its purest form gives weight when combined with its inherent natural humour. It is symbolism of intuition; an awareness that we are part of a universe; it simply knows what it knows, it is not a product of mental mind or deductive reasoning.
Here we find the closest relationship to natural law, yet, it is because of such knowing, that we can see its distortion of indoctrinating people, a need to convince and convert others to our way, those that are truly secure in their belief and value systems exhibit this quality less. But it is through this process of independence, independently engaging with others that we see the inner workings of a belief system being worked out. It is via the belief system and our values that we interpret life’s events and give meaning to our existence.

Sagittarius has to learn with time to communicate this intuitive wisdom in ways that can be understood by the majority (Gemini polarity point) to be able to access its gifts of teacher. Frustrations can occur because of limitations in language in finding mediums to transmit these old age truths, without preaching to others. (Sextile to Libra symbolizing relative truth) Different viewpoints also hold weight.
Sagittarius will find itself in intense confrontations and debates with a diversity of people, intellectual and philosophical topics being at the heart. This is to purge the need of converting others and to widen minds own understanding, embracing others viewpoints as truths, alongside their own, as well as to uncover its own insecurities, without exaggeration or embellishment being required. When this is achieved, Mutability has been achieved, a quiet knowing, a deepening wisdom can shine through.

The 4th House of Cancer and the Moon is governed by a feminine/water/cardinal trinity which correlates to our self image and our basic egocentric structure. After the outwardly manifesting nature of Gemini; collection of data, facts and figures, our energy turns back inwards to connect to that information; deepening our emotional selves to that what is considered important. (Moon/Water) It is through this discernment and identification that we form our unique self image (found in moon’s location in house and sign, and the aspects it is making).

This is the evolutionary egocentric structure that the soul has set up, enlisting the ego to aid in its evolution.
Often we find our families are their to aid in this transformation; they are some of our biggest teachers; showing us what we do or don’t like and it is here that we subtly pick up the first insecurities to our self image. Cancer governs our early childhood experiences and specifically our leading female in early infancy. The binding factor between the early self image we adopt and the leading mother figure in our lives, is the emotional nurturing we received.
For today’s children who are growing up with a so-called helicopter parenting style; this wasn’t always so, our grandparents generations will often regale stories of the olden days of parenting – typically, a far cry from today.

However, we can agree that children need emotional nurturing from the earliest age and when these emotional needs have not been met, the adult often finds displaced emotions in their adult relationships.

Cancers gifts are of a love of self; a strong sense of internalized emotional security. This is their evolutionary path to walk. We all too often find the distortion of caring and mothering others, without caring for ourselves first. The classic ‘caregiver’ archetype at play. But we know this is not healthy; we can only care for another; as well as we can care for ourselves. It is learning to be at home within oneself, at home with our emotional needs and being able to meet them. It represents home on both the emotional and physical level; both a inner and outer level. The water triad is a representation of our emotional bodies, in varying evolutionary states. Within Cancer; it shows us where our unmet emotional needs from childhood are being carried over, revealing our emotional emotional infantilism or immaturity. Only by meeting these needs, can we give and nurture to another freely, and this is Cancer at its best.

Another aspect we see at play within the Cancer archetype is the role of gender assignment; an emotional security of being at ease with both the female and male principles. Our developed cultures are transmitting daily an overdose of ‘ideals’ for men and women and we are in need to transmute these stereotypes that are being imprinted in us from young ages. What are considered ‘feminine and masculine qualities’ belong to us all. A breaking through these cultural norms is required. This takes a lot of inner work through layers of insecurities in order to find ground in both principles; regardless of culture, society, environment, to align with both. Cancer is regarded as the sign with the need to conform, with the expectations of the majority, so here again we see the need of development of emotional security; however, expression of the cardinal aspect tells us that initiation in a new direction is possible.

Accessing the polarity point of Capricorn/10th House/Saturn we encounter the need to actualize a personal voice of authority within society. Capricorn shows us the norms, rules and conditioning patterns that exist within the matrix of societies; also governing our country of birth and its natural taboos and customs. However; Capricorn is learning to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions; actualizing our lives through our own independent efforts.
Through the cardinal feminine lens, Capricorn learns through conforming to the consensus or mainstream, and comes to the realization that to be a influencer, to be able to express our voice in society in a meaningful way, we must choose a career (10th House) that reflects our true nature; without conforming ourselves.
Capricorn, as well as reflecting the nature of our conditioning, symbolizes the structure of consciousness; the consciousness of societies are partially formed by the prevalent contextual environment/society around them. To liberate is to not conform; In not conforming and being unable to express our true individuality; frustrations and suppression abound, a symptom of distortion.

In liberating; a lot of conditioned guilt is felt which can impact the consciousness in dramatic ways. A way to minimize this is through control; controlling others, our environment or ourselves and our own emotions; a fear of not being in control can haunt Capricorn, therefore this fear is acted out by controlling those around in compensation. The cardinal aspect of this sign is asking for an elimination of those aspects of consciousness that is inhibiting growth, however, it is those aspects that there is some degree of control who; We know what we know and to cast that off, means stepping into uncharted waters; therefore causing the internal insecurities, which if not acknowledged, start the cycle again by controlling others and maintaining the previous patterns of cultural conditioning. This is where we find an overly strong identification with the job or career we have; placing our value within society, rather than finding it within ourselves.

This process of emotional maturity and self-determination for ourselves in doing the necessary inner work allows us through the gates of transforming our egoic structure, ensuring we learn to able to be emotionally nurturing and internally secure (cancer), without being bound by the conditioning patterns around, and ground these principles into a career of meaning (Capricorn). The earthy nature of this sign that we ground our ideals into our reality.

As we move through the zodiac and into the male, fiery and fixed quality of Leo, we are looking at a desire of creative self actualization through the strength of will. With the energy moving outwards in Leo after the internal withdrawal in Cancer where self image was being formed, the Fire archetypes are reflecting the sense of special purpose and destiny and here in the Sun/5th House/Leo, this relates to the purpose of creatively actualizing that ego outside an self centered container and illusions of grandeur.
A negative distortion of deep insecurities not being brought to light will show an individual who is demanding of centre stage and that most giving is given because of an internal need to have their own needs met. A true giving is given in how the other requires; not as a means of getting something back or giving in the way that they feel is best actualized.
The insecurity stems from the square to Scorpio which is regarded as the need to stop externally validating themselves and via a square to Taurus in achieving their own self reliance. This empowerment of self allows a creative expression that is extremely warm, generous, loving and full of inner courage, reflecting true Leonion regal and leadership qualities.

In order to move beyond projecting their own sun-like reality on to those around them, Leo can learn to access the cooling element of its airy polarity in Aquarius/11th House with its Uraniuan energy which is extending the development beyond subjectivity and learning to embrace the objectivity and individual reality of each person. This creative self express process can then move into the field of the larger social sphere, representative of the Aquarian Collective.

This is the individuation process, an uncovering of what the buddhists call the ‘Varja Nature’ or ‘Diamond Self’. Aquarius is learning to move beyond conditioning, which was recognized in the preceding sign of Capricorn. Here, Aquarius is learning that fear of being different and the subsequent maintenance of adhering, is more traumatic, than the breaking free of the status quo.
Aquarius is learning to find the inner strength and what is required of itself to liberate from cultural, conditional and societal norms. It does this by objectification ; detaching from the fears and immediacy of our own egos, seen in the Polarity of Leo.

The psychology of Liberation is not well documented in our society and unlike indigenous cultures, we do not have traditional ancient rites of passage to herald the marking of letting go of something, as we advance towards a more evolved way of operating. Due to this; we can see the growing impact of trauma within our society, as less and less tools are available for us to access as we move through landmarks in our lives.  As we experience these traumas, we learn to step outside, to detach from the emotional body as a way of survival, to not feel the emotions as we struggle to make sense of them mentally. Here is where we find our dreamers, those living in a dreaming world, which can be a symptom of emotional/mental/spiritual fracturing. An integration of the present moment is diminishing.

The need to face the fears of being different and standing outside of the majority can lead to a deep security within, changing the vibrational level of the self, therefore attracting different groups of people who are also rebelling and may be looking to impact upon social change or revolution, or at least, are talking about it!

Aquarius and Uranus represents both our past lives and our long term memory; referring to the act of rebellion which is central to this archetype; a rising up and rebellion against existing authorities or circumstances (past) so that evolution and individuation can proceed; the blueprint of our future.

And it is here, that we conclude with the final two archetypes of the zodiac; the feminine, earthy and mutable sign of Virgo/Mercury and the 6th House, itself a transitional sign; signifying the cycle of a subjective (egocentric) development from Aries to Leo where a self-awareness has developed across many areas, as we move to a deepening recognition of others and appreciation of equality for all, preparing the way for our shift to Libra, we encounter the virgin.

And on the other end of the spectrum; we access Virgo’s polarity point via Pisces/Neptune/12th House, governed by a mutable, watery and feminine quality; which, moving from Libra through to Pisces; we encounter the objective (egoconcentric) awareness and growing expansions of society coming into our field of consciousness.

Via the Virgo archetype, we are being asked to bring into our awareness our imperfections and faults, those attributes that we feel we are lacking. Feelings of inferiority and doubt are rife. We are humbly stripped down; yet it is through this process that we purify ourselves; triggering the need for self improvement, scaling back on the self-inflated ego tendencies arising from Leo. Virgo relates to our humility. Via Leo, our subjective development was primed and we learned to put into effect what we are. Virgo shows us what we are not, bursting our bubble of the self inflated ego. She is asking us to relate what we have learnt and how to apply it to society as a whole, to apply our wisdom in a truly helpful way, eliminating and purging any notions of self importance or self grandeur.
It is through this process that we are able to clear the way for the Libran Archetype in being able to relate harmoniously to others; embracing a diversity of people without discrimination.

Distortions of this archetype manifested outwards are that we become highly critical to our environments, and if inwardly expressed; an excessively negative self-focused individual. We create obstacles for ourselves; we fill our time with so much to achieve, that we rarely find time to self-care, perpetuating the cycle.
Yet, it is through this inner analysis of our ego, we purge the critic and allow a more sincere and humble state to come into being, aware of our limitations and a knowing that our needs can be met in alignment with society.
We are being asked to step beyond the ideals of perfection and eliminate or adjust unrealistic standards. From a karmic and spiritual point of view; this is the process of recognition in that even the creator/source of this life is an evolving force. There is no final definition of perfection.

It is through this dissolving of mental/spiritual/emotional blockages that we are accessing the Pisces polarity point. This is the message that Pisces carries for us: a total acceptance and tolerance for all our faults, mistakes, imperfections.
The existential void that is felt in Virgo is heightened here in Pisces, so that we are able to step closer to that realization that no-one or anything could fill that void; it can only be filled with our relationship to the divine/source/god.

As we create more space for ourselves and a loving compassion dawns; we see this reflected in our interactions with others; a total transformation of the souls pre-existing egoic structure of consciousness is changing and responding to the act of liberation. we are preparing to liberate from this cycle in order for a new cycle to begin (Aries). This archetype correlate with the collective unconscious.
Pisces/Neptune/12th House is a symbolism for our need to spirituality develop, purging our materialistic desires and disillusionments, yet, in falling prey to its distortions, we find escapism and idealism as a way to bypass the feelings of meaninglessness, emptiness or worthlessness. Here is where we find addicts, victims and the psychology of escapists, as well as some of the greatest artists, altruistic and humanitarian figures.

Finding our way out is what separates greatness from madness.

In doing so, we find the expression in its purest form as divine illumination and a continued spiritual development, eventually helping others purge their own delusions. It is a radiance of innocence, unconditional love and purity.

A Note on Retrograde Planets

Retrograde planets, archetypally, are a reflection of that signs/archetypes values and what it signifies and represents. The archetypal intent of the retrograde applies to relearn, redo, repeat, and rethink. An opportunity to re-learn the lesson of that planet, dependent on the sign and house; where and how the lesson will be offered.

From the evolutionary and karmic point of view, which is the next layer of retrograde; we have brought the necessary conditions into being in order to re-experience, relive dynamics, circumstances, people, events that are symbolic and reflective of other lifetimes because the lessons were not learned.


To Conclude: A Matrix of existence

All is in a state of becoming: even when stopping, we are already becoming onto the next evolutionary purpose. One does not come before the other. They are intrinsically bound. The archetypes/consciousness structures provide us with the energy structures/maps around certain experiences/situations/ people and how we deal with them, is done at each individuals experience level.
This is the beauty of individuality, this is diversity of life. We must step away from thinking in such a simplistic and limiting view of the 12 archetypes.

One may not exist without the other.. the turning of the astrological wheel is a visual manifestation of an internal process that we will all journey throughout… however, the starting point for each and all of us will differ, with relation to the experiences that our souls are seeking, we will enter this earthly realm seeking our own unique experiences that best reflect the evolutionary intent that is destined for each of our growths.

Before any growth can occur, a sufficient level of openness must have been obtained as to the response towards evolution… if there is residual resistance remaining, the evolutionary lessons may not be fully brought about in consciousness, and can in some cases, lead to a refusal to accept and therefore, in fact, creates such a resistance that may bring about a trauma from the situation as opposed to the intended evolutionary lesson that the soul desires. This determining attitude is extremely important to work from and is affected by social and cultural content, expanded upon by our own beliefs and value systems, which are in themselves, a reflection of the souls journey to this point.

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