The Dharma belongs to us all

My God is your God and Your God is my God.

My God is her God and My God his God and Their God and all of theirs, are my Gods.

I connect with her through Goddess, Source and Nature. You may connect with yours through male principle, scripture and ritual.

He is She and She is He.

They are the same and they invite us in and lead us out. They fill our hearts and slow our minds.

They are of the same. Any other belief separates, dispels and segrates us. It is what is causing wars, discrimination and hate.

Our Gods are asking us to consider the very same things. We are all one. To believe the universe is outside of us, cuts off our hand in our marriage to the source we all came from.

My God’s tell of tales and stories; invoking in us rites to pass through.

While you call your God, God, please allow me to call my God Goddess.

What I call Dharma, you may call Prayer.

What I name Sangha, you may call Mass.

What I make is magic, you may call fate.

It does not matter… the different camps and the resistance to others, is to allow all the conversation to move away from the important process of finding your god/goddess/source. In this day of age, the search for a meaningful practice is more important than the naming of it. Create your life of meaning, I will not ask you to define it.

If you have forgotten your ancient gods, come watch, listen and dance through mine, you will come to touch yours once more…

We would do well if we were to remember that basic human goodness and wisdom transcend any one culture or religion. From this point of view, a secular, non-religious approach, which embodies essential values and principles that have been recognised by many cultures throughout history, would serve us well and allow us to stand together and humbly bow before our goddess’s together.

The question that we are yet to see enter the mainstream is somewhere along the lines of “How do you practise your spirituality?” and the opening dialogues around this question, as opposed to What Spirituality (religion) do you practise?”

We are invited to step inside and Look Within. That is all that is being asked of us.

By all of our Gods. 

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