Natural States

As we journey through life, evolutionary astrology can help us to better recognize and appreciate the evolutionary gates we are asked to pass through as we mature as adults and deepen our soul’s evolution, allowing our wisdom to unfold from within. Much as the lotus does bloom through the mud, so will our desire to know source strengthen: this being a guiding principle throughout Evolutionary Astrology.

This journey of knowing source may be traced through four evolutionary states that naturally exist within our societies, we need only to pause and look around, not relying on belief system, religion, any given value system’s or social strata’s… we can easily see and sense the difference evolutionary states by the mass conformity that occurs in developed lands, and on the other spectrum, observe the trends and sub-cultures built by those outliers that are watched from afar. . those that dare to believe in another way..

It is our birthright to evolve, and it is only through choosing to do it consciously, or, unconsciously, do we affect the energy around the experience. When choosing to go with the evolutionary lessons that are being presented to us, we are given the opportunity to lessen distress, we are ultimately being given the space to choose, the space to choose how we respond, the space to choose the energy interaction around the experience.. the energy that we contribute towards and the energy that we will also take. Only by having this space, are we free, as opposed to the habitual reacting that we are often doing.

It is through our liberated choice once awareness has dawned, that we may throw off the environmental conditioning and start the ascent to source. Or perhaps, for a while longer, playing with the separating desires that of which delays the eventual return home.. Only once these separating desires have been exhausted, will the soul leave the navigation throughout these different terrains with its earthly pleasures and start the last march home to its spiritual resting place..

There of where it knows., there of where it came from.. to express love.. to be love..

It is quite easy, sadly enough, to discern the marked evolutionary states within society. We can see this simply by those whose biggest desire is to purchase a new car or some other new possession, or perhaps gaining more material wealth, conforming to the masses, as to someone who values individuality, free thinking and self-determining action. We can observe these evolutionary states by the conversation arenas that are being engaged in at all times..

We may observes this throughout society, through the quiet, through the silence, we can listen as witness from where the loud mainstream departs into quiet individuality.. However, we are not bound to eternity by any of these invisible shackles… every moment is an opportunity to alter our path..

It is in the quiet that our center of gravity can make this shift, this transition from ego to soul, back to where we come from..

Which is what the planet needs if we are to live another way from today.. A metamorphosis from the egocentric structure to a consciousness comprised of collectiveness, unity and a deep awareness of the connectedness of all..

Let us start the journey..

We begin with the Dimly Evolved state, which comprises approx. 2-3% of all souls. These are the souls that are starting their ascent to awareness, to consciousness, to liberation if you will. They are birthed into this earthly plane with an extremely limited self-awareness perspective, which basically comprises of their own subjective view of time and space. As they mature, this perspective rarely expands, therefore constricting their worldview to a single point of focus on themselves. Society, unrightfully so, gives them the label of ‘Mentally Disabled”. However, we can find two different perspectives within this category, the first is of a pure, clean and innocent nature, wherein the native’s only desire is to be like everyone else. They are starting their ascent to freedom of consciousness in this lifetime and will often be a powerful role model to those around them for their joyous nature and overwhelming love of others. The second category will be angry, for they remember what it is to be like everyone else and are deeply resentful of this state of evolution that they find themselves in. They are deeply and bitterly angry. Abiding by their karmic journey, to have de-evolved back to this state for some lesson that they overlooked in previous lives.

Next we move to the Consensus state. Here we meet the masses, the conformity, the mainstream, the conventional, the media, often ‘The Jones’. Here we find the intrinsic need to ‘belong’ to society, not to abhor the de facto rules and regulations. Here is where we can find the deeply religious and status quo. It is not that this group does not wish to think another way, it is simply that these individual did not, do not know, how it is to think for themselves as yet. Saturn, or Kronos, the ancient Time Master of the sky is their mascot.. for it is he that represents the tried and tested. “This is the way that things are done around here” mentality.

There will be three gateposts to transit through within Consensus and this will reflect the ongoing evolution of all souls, which in essence, is to ‘get ahead of the system’. This will manifest from the root desire to evolve the soul from whichever evolutionary station it has been birthed into. The first subdivision of souls here in consensus will be happy to be in the system, albeit will occupy the lower strata of society. These souls live to belong to their limited perspective of a society, however, from that perspective of evolution, we can move to the second subdivision of Consensus where the root desire to get ahead begins to take shape and the soul desires to learn and understand the very system that it dwells within.. so that it too may get ahead as it recognizes there are others who have higher social standing, have more from a materialistic point of view and the desire to move to this state manifests stronger..

Only through the understanding, may it arise above the system so the soul will progressively acquire the necessary information, beliefs, attitudes and judgements to move to this stage, propelling its thinking to the masses. Here is where we find nationalism breeding as the thinking progressively expands beyond one’s perception of one’s own country of birth.

As the soul evolves through this stage, this will create the third subdivision of souls, those who desire to get on top of the system, or society. This desire creates such a strong impetus as to move to the highest strata’s such as leaders of social systems, politicians, CEO’s and others who have acquired sufficient knowledge so as to know how to move to a position of leadership in the sphere of society. These souls can happily play this role of leader, until the desires have exhausted themselves to such a point that they begin to ask.. “Isn’t there more to life to this?”

The meaning of life will begin to cloud and fog as the soul recognizes the growing alienation from the masses as it searches for a deeper meaning beyond acquiring material possessions and leading others through the system or society. This creates the division between the consensus masses and those beginning their own distinct journey of individuality as they start an upward passage to know their individuated state, beyond the herds..

Leading us to the state of Individuated Souls. Astrologically, this correlates to Uranus, the planet at the fore-front of trends, leading technology, scientific and design breakthroughs and inventions. Uranus is the master change-maker, asking us to awaken, regardless of the cost of disruption or rebellion! He asks this of us all in the name of liberation. Our liberation. Although it can often take time for the evolutionary lessons to be appreciated. Uranian energy recognizes that life does not evolve when static, therefore transformations, metamorphosis, reforms and/or revolutions are required to propel society forward, regardless..

Here is where we find the grassroots movements, ahead of its time. These souls desire to know themselves outside of the consensus, to discover who and what their true essence is made of, beyond the rules and regulations that bind society. The liberation must extend beyond such of the conditioning of the system. Here is where we learn the beautiful gifts of objectivity, viewing ourselves outside the egocentric structure of a forced time and space continuum that society is indoctrinated into. This state beckons us forward to awaken, sharpen our focus on our unique gifts and think for ourselves.

Approx 20% of souls move to this stage and here again we can find three subdivisions with the first division just beginning to detach from society, learning to experiment with a reality outside the conditioning it was exposed too. Initially this may include taking unorthodox classes, reading unusual books or mixing with other souls that are at this evolutionary stage as it tries to make sense of who and where within society, they fit, as the center of gravity starts a slow and gradual shift in consciousness. The confusion that this gives birth to is extremely necessary for the breakdown of compensatory behaviours that it may exhibit as it tries to live within consensus; almost as though living 2 distinct lives, one inner and one outer. Only knowing that it feels different to collective, not yet knowing how to live within or out, this difference.

As the soul increasingly finds it tribe, which is able to reflect back as a mirror, a similar growing individuality and unwillingness to live within the mainstream of society, in light of what it views as a fragile framework of a bound reality that does not correspond to the inner dimensions of what is required.

Here the soul is doing much inner work, inwardly questioning and establishing its own belief systems and independent investigations through testing of the environment. What was once known, countries of birth, family of blood and friends of childhood start to gain a distance from these souls, inwardly, as recognition that the evolutionary dance is at work sets in. New bonds are found and made as the soul embraces its evolution and desires to know its core.

Here we can view the second subdivision of individuated state and find Uranus perhaps at its most potent as the souls have typically thrown off any super-imposed idea of ‘fitting in’ and almost wear their rebellion with a brash proudness. They feel they have deeply earned their freedom to individuality, at all costs, have walked their own lonely path and now a deep fear permeates that if they should try to align or live within society, their hard earned freedom of expression, shall be swallowed up, lost within the confines of a herded society which will not, cannot appreciate their liberated thought and incorporation of self, therefore they tend to sit angrily on the outposts of society, watching in with a highly critical eye, reporting on all that is wrong with the system. Yet, underneath the anger and defense, is simply a fearful soul that does not yet know how to incorporate all that it has been before into an adjusted version of the soul. The soul is still learning how to live out this gargantuan, elephantine effort at individuality, without surrendering it to the society and only once this fear has been exhausted, does it acknowledge that true freedom is within: “”Freedom is not to do whatever you want. But to be free, doing what you do.”” ((Source: Minilogue))

With this awareness incorporated into the blueprint of the soul, the soul moves back into society with inner individuality complete and recognizes its own inner call to share in its humility. This is what will make up the whole.

And so we move into the third subdivision where the soul has gained enough wisdom to know how to be with society, yet without identifying with the consensus. The soul is able to stand as citizens of the world, having progressed so far as to expand beyond the normal relativity of beliefs, values, morals and ethics codes, with an expansion in consciousness to enable them to include other belief structures,, life philosophies and value systems. These souls no longer relate to country of birth.

They know their own code of honor and stand alone when required, to honor and abide by that, recognizing that their growth will never arise if they try to keep peace by continually align with an immediate environment. Even they are evolving or they are not. Here is where we find the reformist sub-cultures who can educate us.

And through this journey, they are able to guide others who struggle in their transition by sharing their own story and own unique gifts , propelling a wildfire to multiply and share across humanity. These small acts of humility cause uranium energy to gain momentum in those around them. They are learning how to use the ego and surrounding environment to its and all, evolutionary advantage.

Finally, we move to the spiritual state where a sufficient level of progressive detachment has occurred and the soul desires to know and communicate with source. Here the center of gravity has shifted sufficient so that the person can simultaneously experience their own identity reflected in the ego, whilst being centered in the soul. This makes up only 2-3% of all souls and correlates to Neptune/ Poseidon, known as the god of horses and also as “earth-shaker”. And shake here he does.

These souls ultimately seek alignment of soul nature.

They are aware of all that is and has been created, for its own evolutionary purpose. All circumstances, peoples and starmaps point the way home for its evolution. Consciousness supersedes personal and becomes universal. It is not enough to believe or have faith anymore, the root desire is overwhelming strong to know, and experience, source.

Natural Laws, cycles of seasons, the turning of time are all seen for what they are; tools to enlighten oneself as movement glides into an evolutionary dance to evolve and know source.

First stage allows the widening perception of just how very small it is.. this generates an extreme humbleness in growth, therefore promoting the conscious merging of soul with eternalness. For recognition has dawned, that all that is timeless, all that is eternal, is source and is creator. Unifying soul with creator has become the underlying focus.

At this stage, the soul will desire to serve others and will often move its work motivations towards the arts and or healing others, as a reflection of serving source. Here the soul can become highly critical as it becomes hyper aware of all its imperfections and faults. It knows exactly where to self improve, however the danger becomes staying with the criticalness as opposed to moving with the energy of source. When the energy becomes stagnant, the focus remains stuck, or locked on the many things to improve and the soul can feel over-whelmed, as though it shall never be quite ready or quite good enough for the work it is bound for. This again, is for its evolutionary purification as the soul must grow to realize that the journey is undertaken one step at one time and all that is required, is to keep moving, both itself on its path and the love that it feels from source. Through this inner world, the cosmic eye, or third eye, or cosmic consciousness will be realized and once a strong foundation is built upon this inner wisdom of universal principles, the second stage of spiritual can be transitioned to..

This stage can generate a host of issues, as the centre of gravity will continually shift and the ego is caught up with the soul and proclaims to know the essence of source.. This arises as spiritual grandeur as the work is done on the egocentric attachments and desires that are still at play, and with this conscious exhaustment of these, the person will point the way as the way to know source. Again, this is required from an evolutionary standpoint as these distortions are exposed, the soul can fully realize the shadow and know the journey is never complete within one lifetime. This allows for atonement, breaking open the soul to a humbleness of realization. The atonement that comes about from this experience (Consider the Lucifer principle) allows for an unbeautified and uncomplex evolution to the third stage of spiritual where the centre of gravity is permanently shifted to soul.

Their inner structure reflects their outward behaviours as they desire to express source through themselves. They emit light and love, fully focused on giving and serving others. They have no agenda behind this, other than to manifest source through individuality.. finding their greatest freedom lies here. In a way, it is the ultimate and most prodigious expression of rebellion, other than there is no rebellion. They have found the way out of the insanity and at the same time, they have found the way into themselves. They will desire to express themselves and conduct their lives through this inner knowing, all as a reflection of love, of source.

Frequently, they will attract the projections and persecutions of others, as their inner light of source will often expose the distortions at play in others. People will often feel threatened by the light of innocent and love that is mirrored to them by these souls, fearing they will lose their masks and their cloak of darkness will fall away.

These souls and the work they undertake will shift, such as a mirror of their own inner landscape progressively expands, this affects the outer landscape to reflect it and the work will take on a more universal tone.

Ultimately.. .all is a journey and the dynamics of conformity are required as it progress and pushes out the outliers,, those that feel, those that know, that there are other truths to be told… even if their voice shakes… as Mr Einstein pointed out “When mediocre minds encounter genius, expect violent opposition”

As are on the cusp of one evolutionary state to another, behaviours will reflect this, which reflects the importance of interpretation of a chart and the observations of behaviours, therefore adjusting each interpretation for the unique context of that individual.

To conclude, we are all on a continual journey to purge the metamorphic vibrations left within our energy-sphere.. so let us make like the lotus and be comfortable in our own mud, trusting that we bloom through the dark into the light…


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