A need to express..

Those things that well up inside up, when we give them space.

Those things that cause bubbles of thoughts to surface, when we have a moment of peace.

Those things that yearn to be expressed,

It is those things that need to be expressed

Let go, let it out, let it free and let it be said.

With that, I make my peace… I must make my peace…  Trust in myself and trust in the process..  You may either love me, or you may hate me, but the reflection in your eyes tell me all I need to know… Let it be; My need to express is My Need.

Hold my space, hold my in-between, as through my expression, in doing so, I become a better woman, a better human and more aligned with my natural self.

Dont worry is what I wish to cry…. To tell you to not fear these truths, to not fear me, and ultimately, not fear yourself. For after the laughter, always, always comes the tears. 

I will wait there for you. 

Do not be in fear of my darkness, do not be scared of my assessments, let me be and let it be.

For these are only moments in time, and how can we be sure that any of it is real anyway?

Maybe i’m tired, maybe i’m in pain, perhaps I am these and more, but without acknowledgments of these unique moments in time, they stay deep inside and are not allowed any expression.

Let them out and cause no harm, but please, let them out.

After a lifetime of suppression, please don’t make me suppress no more.

i’m sorry if it scares you. I’m sorry if it unnerves you,

But please, just let it be.

I know it’s not easy, bearing witness to this, but know that through this sharing, I become whole. It is the unsaid, that causes the splitting off and through speaking the unsaid, it brings about my healing.

I am transforming and I am alive.

I know the prevailing world view and our cultures look down on these expressions as weakness’s, that to repress is to reign, but believe me when I say they are not; they are my strengths. And I believe they are all our strengths, our right to live our truths; our darkness aids in making our light so very beautiful indeed.

When this is all said and done and we truly meet ourselves, we can dream our most authentic dreams of stories, freedom, art and healing. These are not for the elite few. They are are our birth rights.

So let us Let Go; Let Go and Re-Learn our ways to Be. Take Haste and live your life from that place.

Learn to hold space, both for yourself and for others. Learn to not be affected by others pains and troubles; do not let their triggers bring you down.

Hold awareness that you are triggering their awakening, and whilst not always comfortable, it is better to be awake in the midst of emotional pain than to continue to slumber on. To play the sweetness and not acknowledge the powerful one who watches from within.

There are many of us waking up, fear not; You will not be alone. We are awake and ready to share and tell our story.

This is my greatest gift; to show myself for exactly as I am.

It is my myth of freedom, and surely, by now; I have earned it.

Let me live my life as the greatest experiment.

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