The universe sweeps away situations that it deems to be marginal, weak, unproductive, stagnant with its results or to have outworn its message. The universe uses eclipses to make swift changes. By and by, the new moon is the Universe’s invitation for us to set our seeds and sign our promises for what we’d like to manifest until it runs its cycle. Astrology, myth, movement, dance and yoga, juggling and meditation, massage and story telling are just some of the tools that I was divined to in my path. You will or may already have uncovered your own. What matters is that we do.


Breathing Open was created as a place to gather and open to all that Life gifts us



This world teaches us fast food, fast lives, fast connection, fast love …. but how much of it is real?


To “Breathe Open” in an invitation beyond the stories and the past.


An invitation into slow living. open living. heart living. your living…


It is an urge for you to create your own narrative to live inside


Pause, and raise your own agency


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